When we go out, we often make sure to wear the basics … Underwear, socks, tops, blouses or anything that helps cover our bare skin to protect our dignity! Usually though, we forget about an important part of fashion and clothing when we go out … Hats!

Hats are often used in the cold to keep us warm but at times we do forget to wear them which is a big mistake! There are some important reasons why we must prepare our selves with this essential piece of fashionable head gear – which I shall explain below!

Did you know: It's been proven that wearing a hat helps protect you from sun damage. So please, when you decide to wear sun glasses or sun lotion on a sunny day, try a three pronged attack. Clothes, Sunglasses and a hat!

Wearing a hat is much easier than styling your hair. It's true! Most of us have been there, where we just could not be bothered to style our hair so we've either shoved a hat on or tied it hair up. Hat's are important in Women's fashion and for your personal piece of mind!

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So we've covered the sun damage fact on why you need to buy a hat. But let's see how much heat we use from the upper part of our body.

You lose 7 – 10 percent of heat from your head (regardless of the myths you hear about it being half your body heat). I would say though, that the 10 percent is still worth looking after. And why not do this by putting a nice, snuggly hat on to protect that warmth and retain it inside you?

Ensuring to keep yourself warm is conceived as a matter of utmost importance because according to government statistics the death toll for people dieing in the cold were over 40,000 last year. Can you believe that ?! That is a big number and that's why it's imperative to keep yourself warm at all times.

Well, I hope that I've convinced you to wear a hat when you next head out in the cold or the sun as it could prevent a lot of problems and it's like that old saying, 'It's better to be safe than sorry'.