July 13, 2024


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What Is Street Wear Clothing

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Street wear clothing was original came in 1980's. Its roots are in skateboarding. It is a retro look inspired by the sneaker culture and hipster. It has an element of vintage-style sneaker. But do not be mixed up with hip hop. It is not like hip hop with those big, baggy, super size clothing. It is usually just wearing casual and comfortable pieces like jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps, and sneakers. But as the years go by they added some distinctive pieces.

This kind of clothing was adopted as an urban fashion in Japan until it goes international. Japanese learned, watched, and took the street wear to the next level. Many started label. It is all over the globe. Europe makes their own labels but sadly there were lots of copy cats just wanting to make cash. They forget design they go for the profits they're going to get. But there were few that did stand out and gain respect.

In street wear clothing, you can express yourself. You do not have to copy every fashion in the magazine. It's like standing out and giving everybody a hint of your personality. You can be overwhelmed today by this kind of clothing. It is beyond belief because you can make your own mark. The sense of individuality makes these kinds of clothing. They expressed it by adding light-hearted, quirky, bold graphic prints in bright color, or retro logos. Especially in this modern time, not everybody wants to go with the trendy fashion today. They want something else, so they create their own style to make them unique.

This kind of clothing does not go away because there is always one person that wants to be different.

However, street wear clothing does not necessarily mean affordable clothing. One of the elements of street wear clothing is limited or the collector's edition pieces. Buying and wearing these rare clothing will make the individuality and not looking like a member of a group.

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