What Do You Think of Silent Haircuts?


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Me about to reduce my personal hair in the center of the evening

Have you read of silent haircuts? You e book a haircut with a stylist who, after an first consultation to make sure you are each on the same web site for your slash, trims your coif in silence.

A lovely stylist who cut my hair a few many years back, Maya Lowe, now features this services to her customers. I subscribe to her publication, which is how I located out about it. Here’s what she states:

Are you heading via a great deal, feeling fatigued, will need a split from feeling like you want to say nearly anything? Or whatever the reason, if you would like the time to sit and be with you, I will be pleased to hold room for you and perform on your hair in silence, no judgment, no queries questioned. Other than getting clear about what we are performing with your hair, we will be tranquil. If you would like to choose some songs, that’s fully interesting far too.

–Maya Lowe

I’m commonly pretty outgoing, so I’m commonly chatty in the chair, but I can also see myself wanting a peaceful hour without modest converse and with soothing songs enjoying in the track record — primarily if I was weary. That would be restful and relaxing.

I can see, even though, how some may possibly sense a minimal unpleasant with the silence.

What are your thoughts on the silent haircut? Is it a little something you’d like?

Your helpful neighborhood beauty addict,



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