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Wedding Trends – Color Report 2010-2011

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In weddings, colors, themes and styles can vary from year to year, season to season.  Based on runway fashion and customer buying trends for upcoming 2011 weddings we can see the following colors and schemes emerging for upcoming nuptials.  If you are looking for a modern look for your upcoming event and want the latest trends for your affair, here are some points to consider for your event.

Rich, jewel toned hues.  The deeper the color, the more luxurious the feeling is conveyed for the event.  Recently, we attended a wedding where the bridesmaids wore hunter green that was accented by ivory.  From customer sales trends we also see an increase in requests for deep plum, eggplant, sapphire blue and deep, ruby-red.  All can be complimented with warm accents of ivory.

Purple.  Purple is the new blue.  Throughout history purple has been associated with richness and royalty.  While deep plum has seems to be the seasonal favorite for 2010 fall brides, this trend is still continuing to be popular for 2011 weddings which are being planned.  Customers are purchasing lavender accents for their upcoming spring and summer weddings and we bet all shades of purple will remain popular for the remainder of the 2011 year. 

Tangerine, Warm Oranges, Gold & Mocha.   Tangerine is a lovely warm color that can be used throughout the summer and fall.  Spice it up with complementary colors of taupe, golds, mocha and creams.  For spring affairs, oranges in the form of creamsicle, coral, apricot, and salmon also work very well.   

Black and white.  There has been an increase of black weddings on the rise.  Black is very formal and stylish – think black tie events.  But at the same time it can be made vintage when you add elegant patterns such as damask accented with modern, saturated colors such as fuchsia or Tiffany blue and add touches of crystal for added sparkle.  In regard to bridesmaid’s attire, many brides feel that black dresses can be used again for events – lessening the burden of expenses on the bridesmaids.    

Of course whatever color you select for your wedding will be beautiful.  Remember, this is your once in a lifetime event, so let your heart and color inspiration inspire your wedding, rather than the current trends in the market today.

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