Congratulations! When you're able to pull your eyes away from the sparkly diamond on your finger, many decisions will need to be made, such as securing the wedding date and wedding locale, and developing the guest list. The following checklist will serve as a guideline of tasks to complete upon your wedding engagement.

  • Tell your parents the happy news, if they do not already know.
  • Arrange for the parents to meet if they have not already done so.
  • Call or write to your close friends and relatives to let them know of your engagement.
  • Have an engagement photo taken for your wedding announcements.
  • Make a wedding organizer. You should have an organized way to keep track of appointments, payments, etc., and a system for keeping track of invitations, gifts and thank you notes.
  • Find out the engagement announcement policies of the newspapers where you and your fiancĂ© grew up and where you now live. They may have specific guidelines about how far in advance of the wedding they will publish an announcement. Submit engagement announcements to the papers at the appropriate time.
  • Keep up with thank you notes as you receive gifts. The best time to write a thank you note is immediately after opening the gift. It should never take more than 6 weeks to send a thank you note. Or, if need be, send a gift acknowledgment to the givers upon receipt of the gift to let them know you have received their gifts and will send a personal note as soon as possible.
  • Plan an engagement party! This will be the first of several parties to celebrate your wedding. The engagement party is usually scheduled no later than three months after the big announcement. Traditionally, the bride's parents host the initial gathering, but the groom's parents can then throw their own party. Or, both sets can come together to host the celebration.

Use this wedding engagement checklist to serve as a guideline of initial tasks to complete in your wedding planning process.