When you are choosing a wedding gown, you will want to find one that fits your personal style, wedding site, figure, and budget. It can be challenging to find all of those things in the same dress! For brides who prefer a more old-fashioned look over the latest trends, it might mean searching even a little harder.

Let's say that you are the sort of woman who likes her everyday clothing to be timeless styles in conservative cuts. Maybe you are not the sort who jumps on every trend, but rather you know what you like and stick with it. If that sounds like you, then when you begin shopping for a wedding gown, ask to see styles that are more old-fashioned or traditional.

You will find that the vast majority of bridal gowns on the market these days are strapless. Not every woman, though, is comfortable in a strapless gown. There are certainly some wonderful options for wedding dresses that show less skin, you just have to look around for them.

There are a variety of gown styles that have a more old-fashioned feeling to them. Winter brides might find that they are happiest in a bridal gown with long sleeves. You can opt for sleeves made in the same fabric as the gown, such as silk mikado, or choose sleeves that are made of a sheer lace or English net. The first is a clean and classic style, the second is more romantic and vintage in appearance. The only thing to keep in mind when choosing a gown with sleeves is that they will restrict your movement. Brides who love to dance should consider wearing a sleeveless gown with a removable shrug instead.

The neckline of your wedding dress will help to determine whether the look is modern or old-fashioned. Brides who like a more old-fashioned look should try on gowns with high necklines, portrait necklines, or bateau necks. Each has a very different flavor and effect. The high neck, especially if created in lace will have the most vintage flair. Bateau necks are very graceful and recall the era of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. Portrait necklines earned their name by the way that they flatter the wearer in photographs. They are a wide v-shaped neckline that is a wonderful choice for any bride who wants to accentuate delicate collarbones (but the portrait neckline works equally well for brides of all sizes).

For an old-fashioned bride, fabric will be very important. Stay away from anything overly sequined, spangled, or skin-tight. You will want fabrics that are timeless, not trendy. Look for materials like Alençon lace, English net, silk dupioni, and cotton organdy. These are just a few of the beautiful fabrics to consider.

Your bridal jewelry should blend with the style of the gown that you choose. For a timeless look, you can not go wrong with pearl bridal jewelry. Pearl bridal jewelry has been beloved by brides throughout every era, so it is the perfect finishing touch for an old-fashioned bride. Drop pearl earrings are always gorgeous; wear them with a classic pearl strand if your taste is conservative, or a pearl drop necklace if you like more unique pieces.

Choosing an old-fashioned wedding gown is great because you never have to worry about getting swept up in an unfortunate trend. You will not be the one looking back at her wedding pictures saying, "What was I thinking ?!". Being true to your own taste and style will ensure that you will feel comfortable and look beautiful on your big day.