The idea of creating a fresh wardrobe to fit your ever-changing style can be fun and feel amazing. However, seeing the price at the checkout counter can strip the fun right away from your shopping spree. Today we are going to take care of that problem. We’ve included some top money saving tips so that you can always afford to change up your style whenever you wish.
Follow Your Favorite Stores On Social Media 
With the growing popularity of social media marketing, many of your favorite stores will offer exclusive discount codes to those who follow their social accounts. In addition, you will always be alerted when a new sale is going on, so you can cash in on the savings.
Ask For Leniency On Sale Items 
If you have ever been a little late on a good sale, it’s not always a losing situation for you. Some major retailers will give you the same sale price within ten days of the sale period. All you need to do is ask the store representative if they will offer leniency and give you the sale price for the item. You may be surprised at how often this works.
Wait For Free Shipping 
Many stores will run promotions for free shipping from time to time. Others will require a minimum order amount to qualify for free shipping. Wait until you have enough items that you want to purchase from an individual store before you order. This way you can take advantage of the free shipping offer for a larger order size.
Take Advantage of Tax Free Weekends 
This growing trend is including more and more states each year. Not all fifty states follow this holiday, but it’s worth checking to see if yours does. You can save up your money and get ready to save big on tax-free purchases for the given weekend days.
Put In Those Online Promo Codes 
Although there are many benefits to the online shopping experience, the best has got to be seeing the savings you get from entering a simple promotional code. These can be found online at many popular places like or One very innovation shopping solution is to install a browser add-on, such as honey, that will automatically search all the other promo sites and input every code to find that one that gives you the biggest discount.
Cash-Back Clubs 
There are many ways to get cash back these days from your online purchases. Some online shopping engines, such as will give you cash back on all your purchases that you do through their engine. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of your credit card cash back offers as well. Instead of paying out cash for your purchases, put them on your card to get the cash back rewards, and use the cash to pay off your card.
Take Advantage Of Job Discounts 
Some stores offer profession-specific discounts. If you can prove you are a student with an identification card you can get a percentage off your order at certain retailers. Teachers are given discounts at many clothing stores, such as Ann Taylor and J.Crew. Don’t forget about accessories, as some of the best watches under 100 are offered through these discounts. If you work for the military, see if the store offers a military discount. It doesn’t hurt to ask what profession-specific discounts a store offers.
Avoid The “It’s Cheap. Let’s Stock Up.” Mentality 
One of the biggest tricks that stores use to make more sales is marking down the price. There is just something about seeing an item that says ‘for sale’ that gets our heart pumping. However, just because some items are marked down, doesn’t mean you necessarily need them. Only buy items that you intended on getting in the first place. Don’t fall victim to buying a ton of sale items that you don’t really need.