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Super Exciting Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Trends for 2017

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Jewelry is a very personal thing and also an extremely fashionable thing. Every man and woman loves to wear jewelry for some occasion or the other and some have really amazing taste in them too. Following jewelry trends is the most interesting thing you can do because they are dynamic and thus there is no chance of getting bored. This dynamism within jewelry trends is what makes them interesting. Whether you are thinking of adding more pieces to your jewelry box or contemplating a revamp of your jewelry box, following Cubic Zirconia jewelry trends for 2017 will be quite fruitful. Here are some of the trends for Cubic Zirconia jewelry.

The Trends for 2017

Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones have been quite in vogue throughout the year. In fact, people love colored gemstones as much as they love the colorless ones. The trend is to use bigger stones at center pieces for different kinds of jewelry. Whether it is a solitaire ring or a pair of exemplary earrings, it can be an excellent choice to use a colored Cubic Zirconia gemstone in the center. Also pieces with single gemstone set in Rose gold body is very much in demand. Colored gemstones are also being used for ear climbers, jackets and other statement pieces related to ears. Rose gold rings appear beautiful and they are romantic in essence too. Thus, they always remain trendy.

Thematic Jewelry

Vintage and Art-Deco inspired rings are ruling the fashion world. Jewelry pieces belonging to these themes are absolute hit. Jewelry items with such themes are beautiful to look at and also stunning to wear. Wonderful, innovative and geometric pieces crafted from such themes are always trendy among fashionable women. The revival of 1970s fashion had actually become a hit and women love wearing pieces that remind them of that era which appeared wonderful. Women of all ages love to wear such jewelry items which are inspired from vintage or art-deco. The chic chandeliers ooze fashion and glamor at cocktail parties or even corporate events.

Floral Motifs

Floral motifs are always trendy. They actually never go out of fashion; they are simply modified. A jewelry box is actually never complete without a floral motif jewelry item. Any kind of cut and shape in gemstones appear lovely with a floral motif jewelry piece. Whether white gold, rose gold or yellow gold jewelry, the earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets everything appears awesome and trendy. Floral motifs in complex, intricate as well as simple designs have always been a hit and have been favored by women all the time and of all ages.

Boho-Chic Jewelry Items

This is a relatively new trend and no one can say whether it is here to stay. This is more like a frame of mind that jewelry. Some women will always love wearing such jewelry pieces while others may not like them after sometime. Some women can wear it all the time, while others cannot. However, the boho-chic designs are super cool and they go very well with casual smart attires. The choker, cuffs and jackets come under boho-chic jewelry items which can be worn to display your personal style and sense of fashion. Cuffs are worn in both ways- individually or pairing them up. Sometimes, single cuffs are also lovely to look at. Cuffs whether worn on ears or around wrist appear awesome.

Intricately Designed Engagement Rings

Intricately designed engagement rings are ruling the fashion scene. They can be innovative, traditional or conventional. However, whatever they are, they always appear beautiful and enigmatic. An elaborately designed ring appears exclusive because that design will not be repeated in any other item. Such rings sometimes have beautiful colors and multiple ones at that which appear really striking. These kind of rings cater to the taste of a large number of women whether they are traditional or experimental in taste. In fact, some women nowadays have eccentric taste, but even they love the elaborately designed rings. Moreover, these can be excellent gift items too.

These are some of the CZ jewelry trends for 2017 which are making rounds within the fashion scene. Women of all ages and walks of life are loving these and following the same.

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