Perfect Places To Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Online in the UK


It’s so exciting that you’re looking for bridesmaid dresses, it means that wedding planning is well underway. And all the finer details are coming together. YES!

However, I know that finding the perfect bridesmaid dress online in the UK, is no mean feat. Pleasing all your maids, finding the ideal hue, the like-a-glove fit and you want your maids to strut down the aisle in confidence.

Am I right or am I right? AND I’ve not even mentioned the B-word, budget!

👉 Why Should I Buy Bridesmaids Dresses Online?

If you’re scouring the high street for bridesmaid dress options, buying online is an ideal way to save time. Here are some pros to buying online bridesmaid dresses:

  • Bulk buy in one hit and invite maids over for a trying on day
  • Find online discount codes and special sales to save money
  • More stock of different sizes of the same dress
  • No traipsing around shops/fitting rooms
  • It’s easy to compare prices and shop around for deals
  • Sharing links and images to bridesmaids is easy peasy for yes/no replies before purchasing

💡 Where To Buy Bridesmaids Dresses Online in the UK

Before you head off and buy bridesmaids’ dresses online do the following first:

  • Ask your bridesmaids for their sizes/measurements (📌 and remember every shop has different sizing)
  • Don’t forget to scope our maternity/tall/petite ranges for the best fit with fewer requirements for alterations
  • Nail down your bridesmaid dress colour if you can or a small colour palette to try on
  • Check online impartial reviews before making a purchase from unknown online bridesmaid dress sellers
  • Find out delivery costs and if you are willing to lose that fee if you make a return
  • Read the returns policy carefully and see if the return fee is covered too (otherwise, costs could add up)

Right, now you should be all set to go virtual shopping and pick up your fave bridesmaid frocks online. So, without further ado, let me share my fave online shopping destinations for UK bridesmaid dresses.


This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you make a purchase – at no additional cost to yourself.

ASOS Bridesmaids

Wedding Suppliers We Love

Buy Bridesmaids Dresses Online UK ASOS

ASOS have a vast selection of bridesmaids’ dresses and I’ve featured a lot of real weddings with ASOS bridesmaids.

They are a popular destination for couples for a reason. With a choice of brands, price points and fast delivery options.

Discover ASOS Bridesmaid Dresses


Monsoon Bridesmaids

Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Online Monsoon

Monsoon creates some beautiful and unique bridesmaid dress designs. Think delicate embroidery, pretty fabrics and beading to name a few.

Their multiway bridesmaid dress looks really elegant and is a sure-fire hit with bridesmaids.

Check Out Monsoon’s Designs


Rewritten Bridesmaid dresses Online UK

Rewritten Bridesmaids are one of my recommended wedding suppliers.

Their service and quality are top-notch, their dress designs modern and effortless. Plus their reviews are raving. What’s not to like?

Rewritten Bridesmaids Beautiful Bridesmaid Frocks


Boohoo Bridesmaids

Buy Bridesmaids Dresses Online UK Boohoo

Boohoo’s bridesmaid dresses are brilliant value for money if you are on a tight budget. Prices start at just £6 for a dress in the sale (at the time of writing)! Amazing.

Plus there are over 300 different dress designs to choose from in a plethora of colours.

Boohoo’s Value For Money Bridesmaid Dresses


Coast Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids Dresses Online UK Coast

Coast has been popular in the occasionwear space for a long time and they know what they are doing when it comes to bridesmaid dresses.

From sequin tulle to floating cuts and long sleeve midi dresses. They have something to suit every bridesmaid online.

See Coast’s Bridesmaid Collection


Dorothy Perkins Bridesmaids

Wedding Suppliers We Love

Bridesmaids Dresses Online UK Dorothy Perkins

Starting from a cheap £16.30 sale bridesmaid dress (at the time of writing), Dorothy Perkins has a fantastic bridesmaid collection. Plus they often have discount codes and sales.

When you buy bridesmaid dresses en masse, every little bit of cost-cutting makes a real difference.

I Want To See Dorothy Perkins Bridesmaid Dresses


Chi Chi London Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids Dress UK Darina Stoda PhotographyPhoto: Darina Stoda Photography via Stubton Hall Wedding


Chi Chi London creates some really special dress designs that are really worth exploring. Especially their floral print designs.

Chi Chi London Bridesmaid Dresses


John Lewis Bridesmaids

Buy Online Bridesmaids Dress John Lewis

John Lewis is a staple for top brand name shopping. From Whistles to Ghost and Rewritten, they have an amazing selection of bridesmaid frocks online.

Loving These John Lewis Frocks


Phase Eight Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids Dresses UK Online Phase Eight

Phase Eight is another popular choice for bridesmaid dress shopping. From floor-skimming gowns to lace and skirt and top options, there are some real gems for maids.

Explore Phase Eight Bridesmaid Dresses


TH&TH Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids Dresses UK Bloom WeddingsPhoto: Bloom Weddings via The Barns- East Yorkshire Wedding


With prices starting at £165 per bridesmaid dress and you’re looking for something really luxe and special. TH&TH may be just the ticket.

TH&TH Bridesmaid Dresses


Little Mistress Bridesmaids

Wedding Suppliers We Love

Bridesmaids Dresses UK Online Little Mistress

If you’re looking for an amazing deal and elegant style Little Mistress has some gorgeous bridesmaid dress options.

From frills and skirt splits to sophisticated tones.

Check Out Little Mistress’ Bridesmaid Collection


Marks & Spencer Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids Dresses Online M&S

M&S have some really pretty styles, with the usual M&S quality. For something a little different why not try a floral dress for your maids?

View Marks & Spencer’s Dresses


H&M Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids Dresses Online UK H&M

It may surprise you but H&M do indeed have a bridesmaid collection, and it’s ever so lovely. A great price point and they really try to make a minimal impact on the planet. For example by using recycled materials.

Their sizes also range from 4-22 which is great news for every size bridesmaid.

H&M’s Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses


Wed2B Bridesmaids

Buy Bridesmaids Dress Michelle Wood PhotographerPhoto: Michelle Wood Photographer via Long Furlong Farm Wedding


Wed2B is popular for brides and bridesmaids alike. With pretty frocks in a vast array of colours for a reasonable price too.

Wed2B Bridesmaids


Ted Baker Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids Dresses Buy UK Ted Baker

Ted Baker have some really vibrant bridesmaid dress designs in some gorgeous looking fabrics. Your maids will be sure to stand out at your wedding.

View Ted Baker’s Bridesmaid Collection Online


Maids To Measure Bridesmaids

Wedding Suppliers We Love

Buy Bridesmaids Dresses Bloom Weddings

Photo: Bloom Weddings via Carriage Hall Wedding


Maids To Measure create really lovely bridesmaid dresses which are pretty, modern and elegant.

Maids To Measure Dresses


Bridesmaid Dress FAQ

✨ Who pays for bridesmaid dresses in the UK?

Traditionally, the person paying for the wedding purchases dresses for the bridesmaids. It’s good etiquette to provide the dresses for bridesmaids seeing as you’ve asked them to be a special part of your day.

That being said, there are ways to cut costs or do things a little differently such as:

  • Buying second-hand bridesmaid dresses from online marketplaces
  • Asking bridesmaids to wear something they already own in a certain colour

⚡️ When to buy bridesmaid dresses in the UK?

There are no hard and fast rules as to when to buy your bridesmaid dresses. If you buy them a year or more in advance of your wedding date, be aware of any changes during that time for example:

  • A change in who will be a bridesmaid on your day
  • Bridesmaid dress size changes
  • Changing your wedding theme colour or season

This will mean you may need to rebuy bridesmaid dresses, which you’ll want to avoid due to busting your wedding budget. So if you are planning a budget wedding, it’s a good idea to buy bridesmaid dresses around 6 months in advance.

This will allow time for alterations, and accessory buying plus hopefully, you can snag some last-minute dress bargains too.

💕 How much do bridesmaid dresses cost in the UK?

Bridesmaid dresses can cost £0 if wearing something already owned and could cost upwards of £200 for brand names or luxe custom made frocks.

It really comes down to your budget and the number of bridesmaids you have chosen to stand by your side. Try to over budget if you can, so that you have enough in your wedding fund to purchase and if you make a saving, that’s a win-win.

It’s a good idea to budget around £60-80 per dress, but you could certainly get a cute bridesmaid dress for the £40 mark on the high street.

But, don’t forget to budget for accessories too! And bridesmaid gifts while you are there.



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