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With so many factors to consider, buying engagement rings, especially 1.50-carat diamond rings, can be overwhelming. But, if you’ve already decided on the weight, you’re one step closer to finding the perfect ring. If you think your ring of choice should be around 1.50 carats, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve comprised a list of our top 25 1.50ct diamond rings to help you quickly find a ring that speaks to you. 

Chester Ring 

Price: $12,000 

The whimsical Edwardian era rings make for a perfectly romantic engagement ring. It only takes one look at the beautiful Chester ring to know this famed era inspired it. 

The Chester ring exudes refined elegance, and it’s distinctively ladylike. The six-prong setting elevates the center diamond and shows off its beauty. The diamond in question is a 1.54-carat old European cut stone of high clarity. Next, a fleur-de-lis diamond ornament on the shoulders contributes to the ethereal look of this delicate ring. These leaves add a little to the total diamond weight, making it approximately 1.66 carats. 

The stone setting is platinum, but the sleek band is 18k gold. The combination of diamonds and gold never goes out of style. Therefore, this intricate ring is one for the ages. The Chester ring is unmatched in elegance and undoubtedly one of the most feminine rings you will encounter. 

Lisbon Ring 

Price: $15,000 

Lisbon is considered one of the world’s most beautiful and scenic cities. Accordingly, the Lisbon ring does it justice. This stunning ring will be the perfect choice for brides who love combining diamonds and sapphires. 

The Lisbon ring features a striking deep blue sapphire halo accentuating the center diamond. In addition, another geometric diamond halo surrounds the sapphires. The double halo enhances the beauty of this ring and makes sure it doesn’t go unnoticed. 

The center diamond is a 1.57-carat old European cut stone of excellent clarity. But the precious stones don’t stop there. Additional diamonds and sapphires adorn the ring’s shoulders. Finally, fine filigree and intricate openwork on the under-gallery tie the setting together. 

The European Halo Ring 

Price: $12,500 

The European Halo ring is the perfect choice for brides who love the bling. 

A sparkling 1.4-carat old European cut diamond is the centerpiece. This lively diamond appears larger due to the surrounding diamond halo. The halo in question consists of pave-set old mine cut diamonds and beautiful milgrain accents. The mine cut diamonds are steeped in history, so having them on a ring can be quite a conversation starter. What’s more, these additional diamonds contribute to the total weight of 1.65 carats. Last but not least, the ring features a simple yet elegant triple-wire platinum band. 

Royal Blue Halo Ring 

Price: $12,000 

You might be set on having one of the four precious gemstones on your engagement ring. Each of these stones is mesmerizing in its own right. Hence, you might have a hard time choosing only one. Enter the Royal Blue Halo ring. This stunning ring makes the choice for you by combining the first and second most popular engagement ring stones — diamonds and sapphires. 

When it comes to diamonds, the centerpiece is an old European cut stone weighing approximately 1.55 carats. A beautiful royal blue sapphire halo surrounds it. But the diamonds aren’t done just yet. In fact, two more old European cut diamonds decorate the shoulders. 

The platinum band is understandably minimalistic, given how eye-catching the ring’s setting is. The same can’t be said for the under-gallery, as it displays intricate floral-motif openwork. 

Bohemia Ring 

Price: $12,000 

We can’t talk about antique engagement rings without mentioning the Edwardian rings. These rings are famous for their intricate and elegant designs, and the Bohemia ring is no exception. This stunning ring was handcrafted circa 1900. In addition, this ring bears genuine French hallmarks. These features make it a quintessential choice for an antique-loving bride. 

The Bohemia ring features a 1.48-carat old European cut diamond. Although moderate in weight, the stone appears much bigger thanks to the richness of the surrounding halo. However, the halo is not like most other diamond halos you’ve seen. This elaborate halo is pave-set with single-cut diamonds and delicate milgrain touches. These details extend to the ring’s shoulders. Of course, the platinum band is simple to avoid cluttering the ring. 

Ruby Floral Ring 

Price: $14,500 

We are well aware that diamonds need no help to look fabulous. However, combining them with their fellow precious gemstones — rubies — brings a more festive and sophisticated look. Just look at our Ruby Floral ring, and you’ll understand why these two are a match made in jewelry heaven. 

The Ruby Floral ring offers a striking contrast between the majestically colored rubies and the crisp center diamond of high clarity. The featured diamond is a 1.41-carat old European cut diamond. As far as rubies go, they are half-moon cut and surrounded by a diamond halo. The center stone and the halo form a beautiful flower design. 

The ring’s band is 18k yellow gold, adding yet another timeless element to this piece. This narrow band features small diamonds on the shoulders. Other than that, it’s simple and elegant. 

Barcelona Ring 

Price: $19,500 

Suppose your significant other is fond of the Art Deco era. In that case, she will probably fall in love with the Barcelona ring. 

This rare Art Deco ring features a round 1.55-carat old European cut diamond. However, the bold halo makes this ring a statement piece. The halo is packed with smaller diamonds, encircling the center stone. The diamond fest continues on the shoulders. Smaller, single-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders, contributing to the overall elegance of the Barcelona ring. These additional diamonds bump up the total weight of this ring to 1.91 carats. 

Fine handcrafted openwork and an engraved gallery are the perfect final touches to this stunning Art Deco ring. 

Florham Ring 

Price: $25,000 

Brides who like to stand out will typically go with more unorthodox engagement ring choices. Colored gemstones are at the top of that list. However, trends come and go, but diamonds are forever. To save you from having to choose between tradition and fashion, we present you with the Florham ring. 

Indeed, this unique ring features a center diamond, but with a twist — the 1.54-carat stone is sunny yellow. This vibrant shade is the perfect ray of sunshine that will never fail to elevate your loved one’s mood. Small colorless diamonds surround the center oval-cut diamond for an overall polished and balanced look. 

Seville Ring 

Price: $11,000 

True antique and vintage ring enthusiasts will settle for nothing less than an old mine cut diamond. Firstly, these stones were hand cut by trained diamond cutters. Therefore, you’ll genuinely own a one-of-a-kind piece. Secondly, they are scarce, so having one in your ring is somewhat of an achievement. And finally, these stones have a brilliant gleam that you rarely find in modern jewelry. If you have any doubts, the center diamond of our Seville ring is all the proof you’ll need. 

This brilliant diamond weighs around 1.45 carats. Although the stone is enough to keep all eyes on this ring, the band is equally as magnificent. The handcrafted platinum band features intricate designs and beautiful engravings over its entirety. 

Addison Ring 

Price: $15,000 

Magnificent is the word that comes to mind when looking at the Addison ring. This ring was made circa 1880, and it represents an exquisite piece of the Victorian era. 

This diamond cluster ring centers around a cushion-cut stone weighing around 1.52 carats. However, the double halo is what makes this ring stand out. The halo features old European cut diamonds, contributing to a staggering 2.40-carat total weight. Additionally, the double halo creates a unique floral design, perfect for nature-loving brides. 

Finally, we must mention the band. Although minimalistic in design, it uses 18k yellow gold. The combination of yellow gold and diamonds makes this antique ring timeless. 

Plano Ring 

Price: $17,000 

If your loved one likes combining rubies and diamonds, consider getting the Plano ring. This ring is not imposing, yet you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. A beautiful ruby halo surrounds a lively old European cut diamond. The diamond was cut in the 1910s and weighs approximately 1.59 carats. Milgrain over the bezels enhances the ring’s beauty and delicacy. Furthermore, smaller diamonds accentuate the ring’s shoulders, leading to a simple yet elegant band. 

Brisbane Ring 

Price: $11,500 

Combining diamonds and sapphires is always a good idea. When these two beautiful gemstones meet the bold designs of the Art Deco era, the result is a feast for the eyes known as the Brisbane ring. 

The center diamond is an old European cut stone weighing approximately 1.42 carats. Next, a French-cut Ceylon sapphire halo surrounds the centerpiece. The halo is quite substantial, adding a whole carat to the ring’s total weight. To finish off this striking design, delicate milgrain frames the halo, while diamonds adorn both shoulders. 

Hawthorne Ring 

Price: $11,500 

Floral-inspired rings bring on the romance like no other. The stunning Hawthorne ring features an old European cut diamond ring weighing around 1.54 carats. A cluster of identical diamonds surrounds the center stone, creating the striking floral motif. In addition, the prongs fit the design perfectly, resembling leaves. The diamonds continue along the entire visible part of the platinum cathedral shank. 

Barnard Ring 

Price: $12,000 

The Barnard ring is spectacular all around. A solitaire diamond is always a good choice, and this center 1.68-carat gem is no different. This antique diamond is of old European-cut and high clarity grade. The crown-style setting gives this ring an elevated and regal feel. Furthermore, the 18k yellow gold mounting with hand engravings solidifies this impression. In a rare feat, a set of smaller diamonds decorate the sides of the under-gallery. As the perfect final touch, three smaller diamonds adorn each shoulder. 

Leyden Ring 

Price: $15,000 

We just can’t get enough of diamonds and sapphires, especially when arranged as flawlessly as in the Leyden ring. This stunner features a 1.50-carat old European cut diamond of high clarity. The sapphires come into play in the halo. Then, a second halo of old European cut diamonds hugs the sapphires, following the geometric shape of the first halo. The precious gemstones continue intertwining on the shoulders as well. A sapphire adorns each shoulder, surrounded by a triangular diamond design. Intricate geometric patterns made their way into the under-gallery as well, in a stunning display of openwork. 

Massachusetts Ring 

Price: $11,500 

The Massachusetts ring checks all the boxes for a statement engagement ring. Firstly, it features a stunning fancy yellow diamond. This stone combines the timeless appeal of diamonds with the sought-out colored gemstone designs. Secondly, the exquisite 1.56-carat diamond is a marquise-cut stone. This cut is well-loved for its luxurious appearance. Finally, two pear-shaped diamonds flank the center stone, creating a unique and eye-catching setting. 

Miramichi Ring 

Price: $11,500 

The Miramichi ring is a spectacular display of craftsmanship. This unique cluster ring features a yellow-brown oval-cut diamond, weighing around 1.39 carats. Moreover, a magnificent array of marquise-cut diamonds surrounds the centerpiece, creating an inviting floral motif. 

The band is what makes this ring stand out on our list of top 1.50-carat diamond rings. Although minimalistic in style, the band is 18k white gold. Jewelers are particularly fond of this material as it pairs beautifully with any gem. Diamonds are no different, as you can see on our Miramichi ring. 

Lyon Ring 

Price: $13,000 

Many people have hailed the charming city of Lyon as the most attractive French city. It’s understandable, therefore, that a ring inspired by the city is equally as beautiful. 

The Lyon ring is a lovely engagement ring featuring a 1.49-carat diamond in the center. Two diamond floral-motif leaves flank the lively centerpiece, adding to the marvelous design. The sleek design of the handcrafted platinum band doesn’t distract from the setting, being equal parts simple and elegant. 

Norwell Ring 

Price: $14,000 

Sometimes it’s best to let the center diamond be the only star of the show. Your bride-to-be might not be fond of all the bells and whistles some engagement rings include. If this is the case, the Norwell ring is your perfect ring. 

This ring features a dominant 1.55-carat rose-cut diamond. Rose-cut stones date back to older times when a solid center diamond was all a ring needed. The Norwell ring keeps this tradition alive by including decorations that don’t distract from the center stone. Although less prominent, the diamonds encircling the under-gallery and adorning the prongs are equally as beautiful. The diamonds continue along the shoulders and the shank, seamlessly tying the design together. 

Positino Ring 

Price: $11,000 

This Positino ring is a lovely engagement ring centering an antique old European cut diamond. The center diamond was cut circa 1920 and weighs around 1.40 carats. This chic ring also features baguette-cut diamonds along the shoulders, as well as several smaller old European cut diamonds. Finally, the sleek band contributes to the elegance of this gorgeous ring. 

Fairview Ring 

Price: $14,000 

When shopping for an engagement ring, you can’t go wrong with the classics. The Fairview Ring is a stunning crown-style engagement ring. The absolute star of this ring is the center 1.60-carat old European cut diamond. This beauty sits atop intricate diamond-studded openwork, additionally embellished by a row of diamonds. Together with the unique shoulders, this makes for a breathtaking side profile. The handcrafted platinum band sports no other details, keeping the focus on the beautiful setting. 

Warren Ring 

Price: $11,000 

The Art Deco era is famous for unique and breathtaking designs, and the Warren ring is a shining example. This rare ring features an oval-cut diamond weighing around 1.48 carats. What’s particularly special about this diamond is its setting. The center diamond is set east-west, making this ring flattering on wider fingers. Additional diamonds adorn each shoulder. 

The Warren ring also features beautiful engraving along the shoulders and the platinum band. This is an original Art Deco era ring, so you will also find the year 1924 engraved on the band. This makes the ring even more special, as your bride-to-be will always carry a little piece of history with her. 

Connecticut Ring 

Price: $15,000 

The Connecticut ring is a gorgeous ring featuring diamonds and sapphires. The unique design of this Art Deco-style ring makes it stand out among other options with similar gemstones. 

A geometric sapphire halo surrounds the center diamond, creating a striking effect. The center diamond is a sparkling 1.62-carat old European cut stone. Additionally, smaller diamonds adorn the shoulders, seamlessly transitioning into a minimalistic band. 

Barrington Ring 

Price: $22,000 

Every queen deserves a worthy crown, and can you think of anything better than one dazzled with diamonds? The Barrington ring is a stunning engagement ring featuring a high-quality center diamond. The showcased diamond weighs approximately 1.63 carats. In addition, it’s of an exceptional color grade. Although the center diamond is a marvel on its own, the diamond-studded under-gallery makes this ring a feast for the eyes from every angle. Four additional diamonds are set on each shoulder, adorning the visible part of the band. As for the band, it’s handcrafted from 18k yellow gold, making this ring a timelessly beautiful piece. 

Burton Ring 

11445-Deco-Style-Engagement-Ring 1 50 carats

Price: $12,000 

If you’re looking for a ring packed with details, take a look at our Burton ring. 

Let’s start with the center diamond. The Burton ring features an impressive old mine cut diamond, weighing approximately 1.62 carats. Next, three baguette-cut diamonds flank the center stone on each side. Moving toward the shank, you’ll see stunning ornate engravings. Finally, the platinum mounting is intricately designed, with six round diamonds complementing its sides. 

Brides who love elaborate designs and the Art Deco era will adore this ring. 

Choices Galore for 1.50-Carat Diamond Rings

Afshin Negotiating prices on vintage ring at estate diamond jewelry showroom

Finding the perfect ring for this once-in-a-lifetime moment can be rather stressful. Hopefully, our carefully curated list of top 25 1.50-carat diamond rings will help alleviate some of the pressure. Our collection includes various designs, color options, and shapes. Hence, we are confident you’ll be successful in finding the right match, regardless of your preferred style. 


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