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MAX FACTOR Miracle Pure Skin Skin-Improving Foundation SPF 30 PA+++

30 Porcelain

I got this mostly because of SPF 30 and I wasn’t too bothered with the rest of the claims, but it has some vitamin C and hyaluronic acid (so does for example Essence’s Fresh & Fit). It’s a tinted moisturiser-like, natural-looking formula, however, I have a problem with it oxidising. It’s turns darker almost immediately as it touches the skin. Luckily, since the coverage is low, it’s not that obvious, but a primer is almost a must with this one. I use my favourite Revlon Photoready one which does the job, but I need to make sure there are no missed parts on the face. Oxidising doesn’t happen every time though, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint what’s the problem. Formula is thick, in fact so much that’s I need some force to get it out of the tiny nozzle. Despite this richness it’s a formula that is very light on the skin, doesn’t feel oily or sticky. I’d describe it as a sort of a moisturiser, but not a greasy one. Coverage is low, light-medium at best, but even with twice the amount I normally use at other foundations, this doesn’t cover a lot – I don’t mind, but usually people expect more coverage. I’ve had all sorts of problems with this one when I first got it, but I then realised it was my skin that was the reason and as soon as I had a nice skin care session, things went on a lot more smooth. That also means it’s not a foundation like Bourjois Healthy Mix or Oriflame Giordani Gold Mastercreation, which pretty much always look great on my skin no matter its condition. Miracle Pure looks good, it has that no-makeup makeup look, it’s fresh, and has a healthy glow. It’s nice if you like light coverage, want something with SPF and your skin isn’t oily, but there are issues with it oxidising (which may not happen to everyone). I have the lightest shade 30 Porcelain (got it online), which is similar to Revlon’s Colorstay 110 Ivory (cool toned), but oxidises to about a shade or two darker.

Notino, 7,59 €

PHYSICIANS FORMULA Rosé All Day Set & Glow Illuminating Powder & Dewy Balm

Luminous Light

This caught my attention both due to the pretty look and the very high feedback it has. It exists in three shades and I have the lightest one, while I think the medium one is most popular. It’s described as somewhat of a dupe of Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder, which I have in the shade Diffused Light and I’m not a fan of it because it’s fickly and backstabbing and I stopped wearing it when I came home once and saw I looked like I was dipped in a greasy highlighter – though it has it’s good moments too, but I don’t trust it. This is like a better version of it. Product is made from two parts, the radiant powder and a balmy highlighter, the latter honestly I don’t like and don’t get why they included it at all. It’s like using a vaseline and it just looks odd, plus it’s hard to build up. The powder is quite dense and I need to use my firmer powder brushes to pick it up. It looks great on the skin – doesn’t look powdery, it doesn’t make the makeup look more obvious, it takes away greasy/fresh makeup shine yet leaves a nice glow on the face. It may sound cliché, but it does kind of like the skin has good a Photoshop filter on, but it’s not faultless because it doesn’t prevent the makeup from slipping into my smile lines around my mouth. My skin is currently more on the dry side, so I still need to see how this will behave in warmer months, but for cooler months I like it best from my powders. The packaging is quite bulky, as is usual for PH and comes with an extra thin brush and mirror. Some complain about the strong scent, which, granted, PH is known for including in their products, but actually at this one I find it’s more mild than their other products. It smells kind of like a floral soap.

Notino, 11,10 €

MAX FACTOR 2000 Calorie Waterproof 


I’m a fan or the regular formula even though it’s not waterproof and it doesn’t hold a curl that well (it’s not completely useless), but I like it because it makes the lashes look so pretty – fanned out, defined, volumised and longer. I expected the waterproof version to do the same, but this formula is very dry, so it has little ability to shape. At application, it more of less just deposits a light layer of product. It doesn’t define nor keep the lashes in place, so my messy lashes just look criss-cross or the way I managed to curl them. It’s a natural looking mascara that doesn’t add that much volume, since it pretty much impossible to build up, but it’s enough for my lashes. It has thickened since I got it and it’s a bit better in the volume department, but there is a big difference when I use one of the regular formulas I got in the meantime (Catrice and Milani). Formula is easy to remove with Nuxe’s cleansing oil and doesn’t need a separate remover, so I ended up wearing this one a lot because of this, however, it’s not excellent in the curl holding department. My lashes don’t stay as curled as well with some other waterproof mascaras, but this one leaves my lashes softer than others, so to a glasses w
earer like me with long lashes, it’s more comfortable to wear.   

Notino, 5,54 €

BOURJOIS Lèvres Contour Edition 

07 Cherry Boom Boom 

I’ve been a fan of this formula for many years and shade Cotton Candy is one of my favourites. Formula is soft, yet firm enough to be precise. It’s a tiny bit sticky or better said thick enough that it sticks to the lips well. It can survive drinking and even eating, especially this shade since it’s very pigmented. 07 Cherry Boom Boom is a true cool red that I got it to combine with my favourite shades of red. 

Notino, 2,53 €

L’OREAL PARIS Colour Riche Les Nus Intense Lipstick

173 Nu Impertinent

These are L’Oreal’s newest lipsticks, all in nude shades. I saw this shade on one of the few blogs that still do swatches and wanted it immediately, since it looked like the perfect nude. The moment I used it I loved the formula. It just feels so nice, high-end and well done. It’s comfortable, smooth and has great pigmentation. When I was removing it after taking pictures I also noticed it sticks to the lips better than Max Factor, which is not that common for nude shades. It can survive eating mostly intact, but even so where it wipes off it’s not that obvious on me because it’s very close to my natural lip colour.173 Nu Impertinent is an excellent my-lip-but-better shade for my skin tone and I just love it because it looks so natural and defines the lips. It’s about a half a shade lighter than my favourite lip liner Essence’s Big Proposal that I’ve been using for shaping my lips for a few years now and once I searched the entire drugstore, swatching everything to find something similar in a lipstick form – turns out all I had to do it give it a year or two and I’ll get what I want. Finish is satin-creamy and this formula suits dry lips as well. This formula has a different scent than I’m used to from L’Oreal, it’s kind of artificial berry fruity instead of the violet scent that I know many dislike (I like it). 

Müller, about 13 €

MAX FACTOR Color Elixir Moisture Kiss Lipstick 

005 Simply Nude

A while ago Max Factor Slovenia surprised me with a personalised lipstick that had my name on the cap, but I’m not a fan of the frosty Angel Pink shade, so I wanted a different one and just change the caps. I forgot about it for a while and Max Factor changed their lipstick line in the meantime, but luckily the packaging stayed similar and the cap fits. Simply Nude is a light, peachy-neutral nude, very easy to wear and a nice shade for my pale skin tone. Formula is a simple creamy, moisturising one with a bit of a shine. 

Muller, about 10 €

ESSENCE Catching Clouds Swirl Lip Balm (LE)

01 Head in the clouds & lips in heaven

Quite an eye catching collection by Essence that consist mostly of highlighters. This is a decent enough lip balm. I expected a formula that won’t be very nourishing, but it’s a nice comfortable, moisturising formula that stays on the lips for about an hour or two, which is a lot more than I expected. It has no long-term effect though and I find that after it’s gone from the lips, I need to apply it again – something I don’t need after using my usual stash. It has a slight pinky tint, but you need to build it up to show. It has a strange fruity scent, not terrible, but more on the plastic side. It’s not amazing and Essence has better lip balms (coconut one is great), but if you like the packaging, it’s a decent buy.

DM, about 2-3 €. I saw these are still available in some DMs. 

*REVLON Colorstay Skin Awaken 5-in-1 Concealer

001 Universal Neutralizer, 005 Fair, 015 Light, 030 Light medium and 050 Medium Deep 

The newest concealer by Revlon that when you read the 5 claims sounds like Captain Obvious wrote it, but the gist is that it’s a coverage + brightening + skin care combining formula. Like their Photoready Candid concealer it contains caffeine and vitamin C, first for potential instant reduction in puffiness and the second for brightening when using long term. Personally I prefer the ingredients list of Candid, as it has niacinamide high on the list, but in terms of performance I like both and they work similarly on me. Formula has a good pigmentation and a medium-high coverage without looking heavy, so it’s the type of formula I like, one that blends into the skin invisibly and it’s not so matte it would look obvious on my dry skin. It’s also not a dewy formula, but at this moment my skin makes everything more matte, so I can’t tell you the finish on normal, combination or oily skin. It covers my redness under my eyes and on the sides of the nose ok and it can cover an inflamed blemish too without looking too cakey. Staying power is great on me. I checked a few times at the end of the day and most of it was still on. This has a sponge applicator that Revlon say is antibacterial and I like it because it reminds me somewhat of Maybelline the Eraser except this is smaller. I have all 5 shades that are sold in Slovenia, but there’s 17 in total. There is a shade 001 Universal neutralizer and 002 Universal brightener that are used as the first layer to create a more even and lifted effect, but 001 is too dark to work on me, so it’s better suited for deeper shades than Fair. Fair is a bit too dark for me, but it still works without looking very off. 


Eau de parfum

I was waiting for this. I love Pupa’s Vamp! Scented Nail Polish Gel Effect formula, especially the shades with the pink fragrance and in my original review I said I’d very much love to have a fragrance like it. And here it is. Pupa released all three versions of scents they have in their nail polishes, the Pink one, Red and Black. I tested this one in one DM, feel in instantly love, since it’s even better than the scent you get on the nails from a nail polish, still I decided to wait and see how it lasts. I got in my car and in the middle of the drive, surrounded by a cloud of gorgeous fragrance, decided I needed it and just drove to the next DM to buy it. The price is steep for my liking, but this scent is incredible – powdery, floral and soft – it kind of gives me Yankee Candle Soft Blanket vibes. I get tonka bean, iris, benzoin and vanilla the most. It’s a very comforting scent and lasts decently on the skin, several hours, but it’s not silage monster. The bottle is similar to the nail polishes and immediately attracted attention on my vanity. 

Top notes: orange blossom, jasmine

Heart: tonka bean, silk blossom

Base: iris, benzoin, sandalwood, vanilla 

DM, 39,99 for 50 ml


Eau de parfum

And the day after I bought the Pink version, I got this in the mail. I actually didn’t test in the shop, neither did I test the Black one because I was so enchanted by the pink one, but I have a nail polish with the black version and it reminds me of scents like La Vie est Belle, so a vanilla-patchouli combination. This one almost completely changes character from a floral vanilla with a strong cocoa note at the start, but after a few minutes it becomes a rich bouquet of flowers with a spicy patchouli kick. I smell mostly rose, jasmine, pink pepper and a bit of patchouli. The overall vibe this give me is that it’s in the same fragrance family as Alien.   

Top notes: bergamot, pink pepper

Heart: jasmine, tuberose, iris, rose, peach leaves, patchouli

Base: tonka bean, vanilla, sandalwood, amber, musk, cocoa

DM, 54,99 € for 100 ml

*PUPA Vamp! Scented Nail Polish Gel Effect

104 Romantic Rose, 203 Sensual Red and 302 Irreverent Fuchsia

Along with the Red fragrance I got three of these, which made me so happy because I had the red one high on my wishlist and I also didn’t see 104 on the stand before (easy to miss, since light shades look the same under awfully yellow DM lights), but it’s just my style and I know I’ll wear this one very often. I already have shades 103 and 302, which I already reviewed and swatched. Formula is the same, I like it and it lasts well on me (which is true for most nail polishes on my nails), but the main plus is the scent, which is well noticeable on the first day, so I get a whiff of the fragrance every time I put my hand near my face and on the second day it’s still noticeable when I put my nails to the nose. 104 is a muted nude pink and 203 a cool red.   

DM, 8,99€

*PUPA Vamp! Mascara

I already have this mascara, in fact I have it in three colours and I’ve already made a review about them. It’s an amazing regular formula, I fell in love with it with first use. It fans out the lashes perfectly, defines, gives tons of volume and length. The only minus is that’s it’s a regular formula, so it doesn’t hold my lashes up, so I’ve been planning on getting a waterproof one for a while, but the steep price has put that plan on hold, plus I bought the Max Factor one for a cheap price and I’m using that one now. I just hope the waterproof formula is as good as the regular ones. The coloured ones are great too.

DM, 16,99 €  

*MILANI Highly Rated Anti-Gravity Mascara

I just got this and used it twice. It’s a mascara with an hourglass-shaped silicone brush, which means it’s excellent for definition. It’s a top performer in terms of volume and length right out of the box, meaning it creates big lashes. This mascara is very surprisingly not that bad at holding the lashes up. It reminds me of Oriflame’s GG Fortemente one that can hold my lashes up kind of decently if I recurl my lashes when the mascara is already on (gently and don’t do that yourself, my lashes are strong). However, it can’t lift the lashes itself like it promises, so a ton of curling is still involved and on the second try, it disappointed because it didn’t do the job as well as the first time. On one of my eyes that has extra stubborn lashes, when my lashes drop just a bit, they instantly start hitting my glasses and this mascara leaves the lashes stiff, so it’s not comfortable to me and I need to wear glasses lower on my nose. But I’m sure you don’t have such problems and so far it’s looking like a great volumising & lengthening mascara with good hold for a regular formula. 

*REAL TECHNIQUES Rebel Edge Medium 

A brush that is meant for application of highlighter and blush, but I find it’s especially well-suited for contouring. It’s a soft, synthetic brush in a half fan shape that’s perfect for defining cheekbones and I especially like that it’s not too big, since my face is quite small, so I like using it for applying blush because it’s easier for me to control that I don’t apply it too low. I have a bunch of Real Techniques brushes, all from the time they firs
t launched and I had no idea they completely changed their range so none of my brushes are even sold anymore. The thing is that mine are in such great condition after many years of regular use that I never needed to buy new ones, so I missed the changes they made. So as far as Real Techniques go, I only have great experience, but I’ve never tried their famous makeup sponge.

Mimovrste, 10,90 €

BALEA Niacinamide AHA Peeling

Balea’s second niacinamide product, this one combines 5% of niacinamide with 6 % of AHA, specifically glycolic and mandelic acid. It doesn’t say how much of each it’s in the serum, but glycolic is first on INCI list and mandelic right after – it’s weak for an AHA product, so something for beginners. Instructions say to apply this for 10 minutes and then wash off, but since it’s merely 6% AHA, I just use it as a serum as the first step after cleansing. I get no tingling from this and from my perspective this feels very mild, though maybe those who are new to acids or have more sensitive skin might feel something. Product is a serum-gel that feels a bit sticky on the skin before it fully dries, then the skin feels smooth and dry to the touch. It applies easily and one pump can be spread on my entire face, though most may need two. This has a strong musty-plastic scent, which is an odd one, but I don’t find it unpleasant – the product though is fragrance free. I’ve been using it a while and I see no results from this – I actually didn’t expect any, since my skin is used to stronger stuff, but I like the simple ingredients list and I just wanted to try it, then pass it on to a family member/friend who should start using such a product. Packaging is glass with a pump and a plastic cap that fits quite tight.

DM, 3.99 €

*NEUTROGENA Bright Boost Line

I got the entire line, which I was interested in, since it launched sometime last year and has been sold in Müller for a while now. I was going to buy the day cream myself next time I’m in the drugstores, so I was very happy to see this landing on my doorstep. The reason I wanted this line is Neoglucosamine or Acetyl Glucosamine, the new potentially “it” ingredient that is a super hydrator, supposedly has an anti-ageing effect and fades hyperpigmentation, especially when in combination with niacinamide (which they didn’t include in any of the products). This line also contains AHAs in some products, mostly the gentle mandelic acid. All the Bright Boost products are scented, but not strongly. 

Resurfacing Polish

Resurfacing Polish combines glycolic and mandelic acid in unknown percentages, but it also has tiny scrubby particles and I think a combination of chemical +  mechanical peeling will turn some people away from the product. But you can easily leave it on the skin as a mask (Neutrogena suggests to massage it in and rinse, but that’s a waste of AHAs) and then try to gently wash it off, avoiding doing much scrubbing. Particles are small and to me don’t feel very scrubby, but my skin isn’t easy to deal with when it comes to scrubs, regardless I find this is an ok formula. As a mask it’s too weak for me, but it may be nice for beginners. Tube is small with only 75 ml of product.

Drugstores (DM, Müller, Tuš Drogerija,…), 15,99 €

*Illuminating Serum

This contains the highest amount of Neoglucosamine and it’s also the lightest product in this line. It’s more a lotion than a serum and it contains tiny shimmer. The latter creates an instant illuminating effect, so it’s like one of those glowy primers and so far I find this is the most suited product to wear as a base under make up, but in general I have had a lot of problems with pilling with this line. I wanted to buy the Day Cream before trying all the products (I like it has mandelic acid), but now that I’ve tested everything, this is what I’d purchase instead because it’s much easier to include in the routine. 

Drugstores, 15,99 €

*Hydrating Face Fluid SPF 30

I was so excited about this and I’m always happy to get something with SPF to test, but I was most let down by it. While it’s a light creamy formula that easily applied on the skin also in larger amounts and it doesn’t leave a white cast, it pills immediately when I try to apply anything on top –  something you don’t want to find out five minutes before you need to leave the house while applying makeup over it (the only day I was happy masks are still I thing). It’s not my favourite and I have a similar problem with Garnier’s SPF 50 with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, but it’ll be useful on no-makeup days. For a sunscreen it doesn’t feel greasy and it doesn’t irritate my eyes, basically it feels like a moisturiser and not sunscreen, but it’s not matte (like all products in this line, it’s shiny/glowy, though this one has no shimmer), nor is it as light as Biore or Garnier Fluid.

Drugstores, 15,99 €

*Gel Creme

Day Cream combines Acetyl Glucosamine with mandelic acid, PHA and squalane which leaves me perplexed why include AHA in a day cream and not night one. I use this in my night routine, not just because of AHA’s (whose concentration is likely so weak, it barely matters they are in), but because it pills. It a light formula, a bit thicker than a lotion and doesn’t feel heavy, but it also doesn’t absorb fast. It pills when I touch my face or apply stuff on top and even when I try to apply it over other skin care that I’ve left to be absorbed, but this just hates anything I can’t to combine it with. Ingredients-wise I like this and I want to use it, but it’s not very user-friendly. 

Drugstores, 15,99 €

*Night Cream

This has Acetyl Glucosamine, shea butter, hyaluronic acid and minerals. Neutrogena also promises it’s pillow-friendly, but not immediately, as this feels like a regular hydrating moisturiser from the start and in about 5 minutes it sets to a dry-to-the-touch finish. It’s quite thick and rich, but has a strange type of texture that feels like hard jelly and it evens itself out in the pot. It feels bouncy when you touch it and it’s not easy to scoop out because of that. It has a silicone early on the list, so it feels like a primer on the skin once it sets, but this is yet another product that pills and I can’t wear it under makeup. I use this as the last step in my night routine because of ingredients list and just put up with the pilling.

Drugstores, 15,99 €

*FOREO UFO mini and UFO Activated Masks Call it a Night & Make my Day  

 This is a smart mask device, Foreo’s version of an at home professional treatment that is used with sheet masks, so you can experience a skin care therapy you’d get in a salon, but this is also in a small portable format and it only takes a minute and a half. It combines warming (it heats up to 45°C & preps the skin), T-Sonic pulsations (enhancing mask absorption) and LED light therapy (brightening and anti-aging). It targets dehydration, loss of elasticity and uneven skin tone. Foreo says: 

– Enhances skin absorption of active ingredients

– T-Sonic pulsations: infuse masks ingredients deeper into the skin

– Red LED: Stimulates collagen production (Anti-aging)

– Green LED: Evens the skin tone

– Blue LED: Stimulates blood circu
lation (kills bacteria)

– Warming (up to 45°C): Opens pores and softens skin

– Safe and effective for all skin types

– Offers a 90-second full-facial routine at home

– Pairs with the FOREO app for maximum effect of each mask

It wasn’t easy to get started with this one – completely Foreo’s fault because it’s actually so easy, but they make it unnecessary complicated, not providing instructions in the box and they expect you to first register and download an app, but UFO can easily be used without all that and once I realised that, things went a lot more smoothly. Now I use it regularly, not just with their masks, but with my stash and actually Nuxe oil to aid absorption (Foreo says to only use this with masks, but whatever, I do my own thing. Obviously, don’t follow in my footsteps, but it makes the large amount of oil I use with Gua Sha absorb so much faster). This is the mini version of UFO, the first one, but a new one called 2 exists already. It’s smaller than the original UFO, but provides most of the same things, except for the cooling option that closes pores and reduces puffiness. Foreo wants you to buy their sheet masks for these, which I’m not a complete fan of even though Make my Day and Call it a Night contain a pack of 6 for 10 €, which comes at about 1,7 € per mask – not too expensive, but I think one or both of these might have caused a mini breakout and if Foreo uses about the same ingredients for all masks, I’m in a bit of a pickle  (it could have been hormones or stress, I’m not sure, but masks were the only new thing I tried and I’m kinda scared to try it again, so now I’m using my other masks). Foreo says that other masks might be unpredictable because the device heats up, but I found that in the settings you can completely customize your treatment by adjusting intensity of the T-Sonic pulsations, turning off heat and picking the colour of LED (it’s not a programme, but you can see all the device is capable off in the settings). Foreo has a description on their website what each colour does. Also I find it a bit dumb that they try to limit you to just their masks – when I buy something I want it to be as versatile as it can, providing me with many options of use – that would be a major selling point to me. Every Foreo mask has a programme that work best with the formula and with Make my Day and Call it a Night use red light, while I downloaded the one for the glowy mask and that one uses green. Masks are saturated with essence and a 90 second treatment helps absorption so much, my skin is almost dry to the touch after using one of these and Foreo masks have so much essence. I then squeeze the remainder of the essence from the pack on the sheet again and do the treatment once more. I love that I get the most out of sheet masks now. Usually I had to wait for a half an hour or more and there was still essence on the sheet masks, so I felt like I was wasting product (I used it for the body, but still), now I can get so much more absorbed into the skin and it only takes 90 seconds. I can’t really say that I’ve seen a massive improvement of my skin, but maybe some changes will show in time. To be fair I’m happy with my skin and I just want to maintain its condition, meaning slow aging and maybe this with the other ton of stuff I use may do the trick. I also use Foreo’s Luna 2 mini regularly, about every other day and I still enjoy using it. It makes my skin smoother, softer and feeling more clean as well as more ready to absorb products. The cleanser is lovely too.

If you want to know more, I highly suggest you go read reviews online. They are mostly positive, so I look forward to seeing results on my skin (and hope I don’t discover it’s the masks that break me out).  Since UFO mini is an old model you can get it much cheaper than UFO original or the new 2 models.

Foreo UFO lahko v živo vidiš v DM-ih. Maske tudi, ampak imajo le te dve verzije. Več mask sem našla na Douglas.si.

UFO mini 2 is currently 88 € on Foreo’s website. 

OLAPLEX N°4P Blond Enhancer

I’m a big fan of the original/regular Olaplex shampoo, since it’s has such a rich, creamy formula and I think it did improve my hair (together with Joico Defy Damage). So I had high hopes for this new purple formula, but sadly Olaplex didn’t use that same thick one, instead it’s thinner, basically a dupe for L’Oreal’s purple shampoo. Colour is the same too, a very intense purple that makes my lighter hair silvery/ashy, but it doesn’t work on orange (expected, of course). It’s not drying and it does the job, but the whole point of buying it was so that I would get a purple shampoo with that Olaplex rich formula because before I just mixed Olaplex with L’Oreal’s purple one. At least it has the Olaplex ingredient. However, I’ve been using it for a while now and I like it. It may not be as creamy as the original, but I can see it wo
rks the same.

Notino, 25,10 €

MOROCCANOIL Color Depositing Mask 


I got the larger size after using a 30 ml satchel. I diluted it with conditioner the first time I used it, so I didn’t get a purple shade, but it turned out to be a fantastic toner for my darker blonde and even orange hair. Now I got a 200 ml size and I’ll try to achieve a cool purple shade and maybe use some of it for toning like the first time. I read in reviews this shade doesn’t wash off, but it came off fine on me, though I didn’t have an intense colour. 

Click2Chic, 28,00 €

REMINGTON HydraLuxe Volumising Air Styler

I wanted this for ages and I finally found it for a good price (33 € instead of 57 €). I have the regular hair dryer from this line and I picked it because of the optiheat option. The latter prevents the dryer from heating up too much, thereby preventing excess damage, which is so important to me, since I bleach my hair. Since I was so happy with that dryer, I wanted this one too. I have the AliExpress version of the Revlon One Step Styler (back when I got it, it was impossible to get the original, otherwise I would) and I love it, even though I was sure it’ll will die by now, but it’s holding strong. It’s just the heating settings that make me nervous because I have no idea how hot that dyer truly is, so I got this Remington one, while that one is going to my mom, who loves it too (that stuff was magic to both of us). I love this one even more. It’s so much stronger and it dries my hair is half the time of that one and even that one was so fast. Optiheat option can be turned off at any time, so you can get more heat and even smoother hair and unlike my AliExpress one, it also has a cool option. This is such a quick way to get a smooth style that’s very close using a straightener. It’s tricky to dry the hair close to the scalp, but this one is better at it than my old one because it’s stronger, still I use a regular dryer for that part. It’s not heavy, so that’s a big plus, but I find that the top part of the handle where it’s more comfortable for me to hold, heats up a lot – my old one doesn’t do that. I’m happy with the purchase and hopefully this will last me a decade just like all the other Remington products I have.   

Interspar, 33 €

GUERLAIN Terracotta Le Parfum

I got this as a gift after it’s been on my wishlist for years and I was almost certain it’s been discontinued, since I couldn’t find it anywhere in the last years – I was told they found it on Notino. It’s Guerlain’s version of the beachy perfume, so one with lots of tiare flower. It’s somewhere in between Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti, Nuxe’s Prodigieux Le Parfum and Paco Rabanne Olympea, but it’s closest to Yves Rocher’s version. Both are very floral with strong notes of tiare and at Guerlain also tons of jasmine with a little bit of orange blossom and ylang-ylang. Unlike Yves Rocher, Terracotta has some citrus freshness from bergamot, but it quickly becomes a more creamy floral, though with still strong jasmine. Like at all the previous mentions I frustratingly get zero coconut, so none truly smells completely properly summery. So far I’ve found only Bath & Body Works offerings delivers coconut on my skin, so I prefer those, but this one is a more grown up, French Riviera version fancy version of a beachy perfume with tons of floral notes and one you can wear as a night time perfume too. Silage is strong at first, but becomes moderate quickly. Staying power is average.  


Top: Tiare Flower, Coconut and Bergamot

Heart: Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang and Orange Blossom; 

Base: Vanilla and Musk.

*ORIFLAME Eclat Nuit

Chypre Floral

Top: Marigold, Peach, Blueberry

Heart: Rose, Jasmine, Rose 


Base: Patchouli, Musk, Vanilla

I love the bottle, the colour is beautiful. I know Eclat fragrances from scented pages (I like most) and this is different, deeper and a going-out scent. It starts fresh fruity-floral, so the sweet-sour fruitiness of the blueberry and peach mixed with floral notes. Later it transforms into a rich floral with a spicy base. I smell rose and jasmine as the strongest notes, while the patchouli that I usually dislike or my skin dislikes, is less herbal/spicy than in other (popular) fragrances, but adds depth to the scent. I can still smell some blueberry later, but it stays close to the skin. It’s more of a mature scent and a date
night one. Based on the scented page I like the men version and I don’t like many men’s fragrances. 

The hand cream has a much lighter, more creamy scent, but with the same floral DNA – I like it. In fact more than the fragrance itself. Formula is pretty thin and light, so not that different than many such perfumed creams and it’s not nourishing enough for my skin.

Oriflame, regular price for fragrance 34 € and hand cream 4,5 €, but they often have big discounts.


Eau de toilette

A nice fruity floral with some powderiness. Yes it smells generic, but I like such uncomplicated scents. I smell the fruity notes from the start (mandarin, orange, apple and peach, but mostly apple) and then it becomes a clean musky floral, I get mostly violets from floral notes. I don’t get any patchouli at all and the latter doesn’t add any depth to the fragrance, instead this is a standard daytime scent. I get very little vanilla on my skin and this is more of a skin scent. I wasn’t much aware of this brand before I got this, but I went to check what else we have in our drugstores and I loved Women n.2, an excellent powdery scent.  


Top: mandarin, artemisia, apple

Heart: jasmine, peach, violets

Base: musk, vanilla, patchouli

DM, 19,99 € for 20 ml

MEGRHYTHM Gentle Steam Eye Mask

An eye masks that heats up and promises to relax & soothe tired eyes. I got the lavender version, but there’s also one without scent. Now I need to find those 20 minutes to relax. 

Muller, 1.79 €

NIVEA Soft Care Shower

Apricot & Apricot Seed Oil

A repurchase. This is one of my favourite shower gels because of the scent. It’s an amazing vineyard peach-meets- apricot fragrance, very close to the real deal. Formula is creamy and not drying, but it’s not as nice as Dove. 

DM, 2,79 €

BALEA Deodorant 

Soft Flower

After trying the Pink Blossom version (which smells so similar to La Vie est Belle) and Golden Moon (similar to Alien), I became a fan of these types of Balea deodorants and I also use them as room sprays because they are so strong and scent lasts. This is much softer scent than the other two and I like it most because of that. Balea says it smells like bellflowers and hydrangeas (zvončnice in hortenzije). It smells sweet and floral, a nice very feminine scent. These are very cheap, but I remember I paid 1,19 € for the other two, however, this one is bigger with 200 ml and not 150 ml.

DM, 1,39 €

DOVE Nourishing Secrets 48 h Anti-Perspirant

My standard deodorant for the last few years. It works and that’s all that matters. Since it’s one of those stick ones, it leaves white streaks on black clothing, but when it comes to deodorant sticks are the only thing I like, as I find them more effective than roll-ons or sprays. I got the one with the original scent last time because this one wasn’t sold where I was shopping at the time, but this one is better, coconuty.

DM, 3,99 €


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