Mom designs new first-ever STEAM-themed clothing brand


Svaha CEO Jaya Iyer released her company in D.C. in 2015, just after she was not able to discover rocket scientist apparel for her younger daughter, who needs to be an astronaut.

WASHINGTON D.C., DC — Taking regular cotton and canvas fabrics and putting on them extraordinary science-based styles, SVAHA United states of america clothing business was born.

CEO Jaya Iyer started off building “STEAM Themed,” or Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts and Math clothing in 2015 close to Washington D.C. when she observed there were not any aeroscience selections for little women like her daughter, who she named the enterprise SVAHA soon after.

“She is the a single who impressed me to start out this company, but it also usually means so be it. I truly feel like it goes definitely very well with what my company stands for,so that if there is a thing missing in the marketplace, then we are bringing it and that is how it is going to be,” explained Iyer, who employed to educate Fashion shopping for and wrote a textbook on Fashion in Emerging Marketplaces.

Placing her Ph.D. in Fashion Merchandising to get the job done, Iyer creates kid’s outfits with dinosaurs, constellations and the periodic table of features, which has been a excellent dialogue starter for the playground.

“Most individuals would talk to, hey who is your favored Disney princess? Or points like that but rather they started off asking, oh so what do you appreciate about science?” Iyer mentioned.

She says sales for the science-centered clothing skyrocketed that she expanded the line to grownups.

“I got so much of a demand from customers from grownups that I have started making grownup garments, and that is basically a even bigger portion of my business now,” stated Iyer, the mother of two.

Her most important consumers are schoolteachers, who love that all the attire are manufactured with pockets.

Iyer is even building dresses centered on NASA’s new James Webb room telescope photographs.

Expanding her corporation to developing purses, polo shirts, pajamas, hoodies and scarves, Iyer hopes her apparel breaks gender stereotypes in any business.

“They are female ladies and still they can be really superior in STEM fields,” Iyer stated.

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