Isn’t it far too impractical and unrealistic for every man to look like a fashion model? Resoundingly yes but style is something that can be achieved even through simple ways. While women largely try to create their own personal style, most men do not even though they should aspire to. Generally they prefer to watch the latest trends and choose clothing and accessories without much thought about style or suitability.

It takes very little time and effort for men to be dapper and stylish in their dress sense. Some simple steps are:

• Saying goodbye to old clothing, accessories and stuff that don’t fit is the first step. Even clothes that haven’t been used in a very long time have to be discarded.

• Choosing the right cut, fit and size. Wearing loose or tight clothing does little to flatter the physique. Wearing a loose shirt to hide a slight paunch looks definitely more ungainly than actually wearing something that is the right fit.

• Classics never fade or go out of fashion and are a good bet for any occasion. However, having one or two trendy outfits rather than simply following all fads gives a new look to the wardrobe besides being pocket-friendly and projecting a current image.

• A sporty, casual look is appealing and it goes without saying that Jeans never go out of fashion. They can be paired with almost anything and last much longer than other conventional clothing. But buying a good pair of jeans depends upon the design, fit, price and quality.

• A great trick is buying multiple colors of something that is well liked. For instance, shirts, t-shirts and trousers in different color shades saves time and also helps create different looks by mixing and matching shirts and trousers. This way even shopping for replacements was cut.

• Accessorizing is an important aspect of achieving style and character and also greatly enhance the ensemble; a hat, a pair of sunglasses, a scarf, a cool watch are stand-out accessories. But caution is the keyword; just one piece is enough to complete the look and should not be overdone.

While some men like to play it safe with clothing colors and accessories, a little focus on detailing and an occasional experimenting with different options can hardly hurt. It will most certainly up the ‘male quotient’ which is the sum of emotion, intelligence, power and style! It is one of the important things to remember.