May Makeup Trends That Will Carry Into Summer


Spring is all about embracing natural beauty, pastel colors and embracing new, which includes makeup and beauty trends. As May has come to an end and summer is officially a few weeks away, some of those trends are very clearly carrying over into the new season.

In the summer, makeup can be tricky with hot weather that makes you feel like your face is melting but with these innovative spring trends that are light and easy to apply, you are going to want to wear them all summer long.

Use these spring makeup trends to inspire your summer looks for the entire season.

Blush It Up

Most Millennials have been using bronzer to contour their face, from the barely-there look to full-on glam, but if you want to keep up with the trends, it is time to swap out your bronzer for the perfect blush.


Blush is emerging as the perfect multi-use product, use it on your cheeks for contouring and getting that spring glow, on your eyelids for the monochromatic look and even dab some on top of your lipstick for on the go glam.

Find the perfect blush for your spring and summer makeup routine and get on the blush contouring trend.

Monochromatic Makeup

Monochromatic everything is trending from fashion to beauty, but it has really taken over as a strong makeup trend this year. It is fun because it embraces multiuse products as you can find one color, and one product and dab it on everywhere.

It has been most popular with colors ranging from pink to orange hues, but not just pastels, including deep and bright colors to go with your bright-colored spring outfits.

This is an accessible makeup look for everyone as it is all about adding color to your cheeks, lips and eyes, don’t be afraid to go all out when it comes to the color. The biggest issue is finding a shade that you like.

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Barely There Brows & Foundation

From spring to summer, you can say goodbye to heavily caked-on makeup and hello to embracing natural beauty. Before it was fashionable to emphasize the brows by making them dark, but now no matter what shape you have you can simply apply a gloss product to hold them in place, giving off a well-groomed look.

As for foundation, throw it out and find a BB or CC cream, which is basically a tinted moisturizer. Going light on the makeup is both comfortable and easy to style on your way out the door in the morning.


If you want to dress up a little bit for a night out, or do something just for fun, add some face jewels to the eye area. You can add a single jewel to the corner of your eye, make a design or go full-on Euphoria fashion with lots of wild gems. 

With the festival season already begun, face jewels will be essential for summer events and parties. Bring a pack with you to hand out to folks and make new friends, you will be the life of the party.

Pastel Eyes

Pastels always have a way of making their way back into spring fashion, but this year they also made their way in the form of bright popping colors. Take your typical spring palette, and then make it brighter, that is what is happening and will continue to leave its mark.

Don’t be afraid to embrace a bright purple, pink or orange eye to match your summer outfit at your next festival.

Lots Of Gloss

If there was an official lip product for spring and summer, it would be gloss without a doubt. There is something fun and vacation-like about wearing a gloss instead of a matte, it is a little more fun and less elegant than a matte finish.

These days lipgloss is not like it used to be, it is better. You can get a gloss from any high-quality brand that is packed with hydrating elements like hyaluronic acid, vitamins and fruit extracts. Look glossed up and feel hydrated too with your new summer companion, always keep the gloss in your bag and ready to go.

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Under-Eye Liner

Zendaya is one celeb who is known to wear under-eye liner more than once on a red carpet for a smoldering and elegant look, but many other celebs and beauty influencers are taking a colorful take on the trend.

For spring and summer, add some color to the bottom of your eyes for a popping look. Go for a neon yellow, purple or green and let it stand alone or go all out with accompanying eye shadow.

Spring and summer makeup should feel good on, meaning light on the face and heavy on popping colors.

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