June 13, 2024


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Indecent Dressing Among Women

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I wonder why women should go about wearing cloths that will expose all their hot parts even in very cold weather. Because of this, some public places such as churches place posters on their gates to warn against indecent dressing. Also some high institutions in Nigeria such as NAU under the administration of Prof. Ilochi Okafor, placed ban on indecent dressing and continuously embarrassed, arrested and detained offenders them. Wearing such cloths like hot mini skirts, show belly and some other crazy tops were highly prohibited.

Different Views On Indecent Dressing

I love wearing cloths that look good on me. I discovered that I look smarter on corporate short skirts and high hill shoes. I do not wear them often with bad intention but I discovered that men keep staring at me each time I dress this way. Well it is not my fault. Men should be more discipline and mind their business.

Anita, PH

Women should dress however they like. It is the men whom I will blame for wasting their productive time chasing after shadows. A woman’s appearance should not distract an experience man who is focused and has self-control added with good principles.

Dickson, Abuja

I love women on hot and sexy cloths. Nobody is too holy, you know. We all have various choices and taste so I disagree with the word, indecent dressing.

Francis, Lagos

If one may ask, why do women choose to wear indecent cloths all the time, Is it for good or bad?,

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