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In the Hot Seat – Great Bridal Shower Games

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In the Hot Seat – Great Bridal Shower Games

If you have offered to throw the bridal shower, you are probably overwhelmed by all the details and preparation it has involved, and bridal shower games may seem unimportant compared to all the other things you have to do. But, games are a fun and important part of every bridal shower. They serve as great icebreakers if you have several guests who don’t know each other and they are an excellent way to save your guests from boredom, no matter how silly they may seem. If you’re unsure of how many games to play, how long they will take, or even what games you should play, here is a list of some great bridal shower games and about how much time each one will take.

1.)    A great icebreaker is the “My Name Is, Your Name Is” game. This is a great game, especially if you’re sitting in rows or at the same table at the shower. You start at one end and have the first person introduce themselves and how they know the bride. The person next to them does the same thing, the catch is that they have to remember the person that went first’s name, as well as how they know the bride. After getting it correct the person next to them does the same thing, except for they have to remember the first and second peoples’ names as well as how they each know the bride. This continues on and on until everyone gets a turn, and the last person is left having to say everyone’s names and their relationship to the bride. This game may take thirty to forty-five minutes depending on how well your guests catch on and start paying attention.

2.)    Another great game is the “Toilet Paper Bride” game. During this game, your guests should divide up in two to three groups and each group selects a “bride”.  Once the teams have been set, hand each team two roles of toilet paper. The teams then begin to dress their “bride” in her toilet paper wedding dress, designed by them. At the end of the game, the real bride should look at each dress and select the one she likes the best. This game may take twenty to thirty minutes depending on how much time you give them to complete it.

3.)    “I Said, She Said” is a fun game that can be played during the whole shower. At the beginning of the shower, as people are arriving, give them two or three clothespins and have them attach them anywhere on their clothing. Instruct them that any time they hear someone say certain words, like the bride’s name, groom’s name, or maybe even the word wedding, they get to take one of that person’s pin. At the end of the shower, have everyone count their pins. The guest with the most clothespins is the winner.

4.)    The “Bride of All Trades” game is a great game that even your youngest guests will enjoy playing. Before the shower purchase an apron and attach all type of kitchen gadgets to it. At the shower have the bride leave the room and slip into the apron. Give all your guests paper and pencils. When everyone is ready have the bride come back into the room and proceed to walk around the room slowly, passing in front of each person and giving them plenty of time to study the apron. You should only keep her in the room for five to ten minutes. Once everyone has had a chance to observe the bride, have her leave the room and then give everyone exactly one minute to compose a list of everything they remember seeing on the apron. After you call time, have everyone put down their pencils and bring the bride back to the room. The person with the longest, correct list is the winner and the apron of goodies should be given to the bride as a gift.

5.)    “The Newlywed Shower Game” is a great game just for the bride. Before the shower make plans to interview the groom. Be sure to get the answer to some easy questions and some hard questions, things he thinks only the bride will know about him. At the shower bring the bride up and begin quizzing her with the questions about the groom. While this isn’t a great game for everyone, its fun to see just how well the bride-to-be knows her futures husband and laugh about where their answers differ. This game should only take ten to fifteen minutes, any longer than that and it will get boring for your guests.

Not matter what games you select, be sure to get creative! There are some great games out there, so don’t be afraid to Google “Bridal Shower Games”, to get some great ideas. Try to pick some unique games that not everyone has played before to keep things fun and interesting. You should also purchase some prizes! It will make the games more fun and competitive if they know there are prizes involved. So be sure to purchase some nice, useful prizes not just candles or bags of candy. Remember your shower is going to be one of the most memorable parts of your bride’s engagement period, so be sure to make it all about her, especially since your party will be a welcome release from all her wedding planning. 

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