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Ideas to Gain Style: Trends for 2021

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At the time, we started 2021 with a very clear purpose: To gain style and keep up with trends Vlone collection offers you the best style of 2021. If you also want to apply the story, keep reading!

You will Buy Comfortable and Chic Shoes

A slightly lower room in black; some cowboy ankle boots to look more stylized; some beige loafers for your daytime looks … Look in all the shoes that you buy comfort without sacrificing originality.

You will Include Pastel Tones in your Looks

We usually wear pastel tones when spring and good weather begins … We invite you to include them in your winter wardrobe to convey that optimism and good vibes that they give off to the always darker and sadder winter wardrobe.

You will get Red Pants

The world is not one of cowards, nor is the fashion world. So next time you go shopping, don’t go flat on the sensible and appreciative black pants and look to spice up your wardrobe with a model in red.

You will Stop Combining shoe and Bag

Carrying a bag and shoes of the same color and material has gone down in history … Choose shoes beyond black or brown, and look for original bags in full color. In this way you will print personality to your looks from the accessories.

You will Mark the Waist

You will recover your curves and you will cinch your loose garments with a belt to show off your waist and hips proudly. Did you know that wearing a jacket fastened with a belt is one of the stylists’ tricks to look slimmer? If you like this look, discover the 5 ways to wear your blazer to make it look different (without spending a single euro).

You will Look at Yourself with Sexy Lingerie

You can wear the blandest clothes in the world, but if you know that underneath you are wearing a daring and sexy bra, the attitude changes you. Do the test!

This year, yes: you will Wear a Camel Coat

It’s the timeless piece that any smart wardrobe needs. So do not delay the inevitable investment one more year, go hunting these sales!

You will Surrender to the Animal Print

Animal print took over our wardrobes a year ago and continues to be one of the strongest trends this season. Get a leopard shirt or snake trousers and create a wild look.

You will Wear Sports well Fashion

But not to go to the gym … Your whole wardrobe takes on a new dimension and style if you substitute shoes for them, from men’s pants to pencil skirts or little dresses.

You will Wear a Midi Skirt

Get out that midi skirt you bought years ago because this spring is back in fashion. Discover here how to wear them without adding years!

Long Life to Rock and Roll!

Rejuvenate without having to resort to Botox. Look like a groupie, without problems or complexes, shirts screen-printed with logos of the legendary rock.

You’ll get your Denim Jacket Back

The aesthetics of the 90s (once again) are back in fashion, so take back that denim jacket that you have forgotten in your closet. Not sure how to combine it? Here are 15 looks with a denim jacket that will be a hit in 2021!

You will Return to the Hood

If you are one of those who still resist, give up this year, the flared trousers give you a decidedly cool retro silhouette. Plus, it flatters like no other model: Visually slimmer and makes legs look endless.

You will Shine with Metallic

This year we intend to shine more than ever, and what better way to do it than with a metallic bag. It will liven up any outfit and it’s a best Vlone women fashion trend now in 2021!

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You will Need Exaggerated Earrings

Long, very long, and even with bright colors. These are the earrings you need to frame your face, lengthen the neck and achieve a much more sophisticated air in any style.

You will Put a Bodysuit in your Wardrobe

Why did they stop taking it if they are practical and keep the dreaded love handles at bay? Now that they have come back strong, don’t even think about it!

You will Buy Yourself some Ripped Jeans

They are one of the viral trends of the season. And it is not surprising since they provide a casual and very cool touch to any outfit. Find out here how to wear ripped pants this spring.

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