Have you ever questioned how to adequately clean up your hair brushes? On a working day-to-day basis, we have to get utilized to accomplishing fantastic maintenance on our everyday objects. For this rationale, hair combs cannot be an exception.

You’d be amazed how a great deal hair your brush can store right after applying it every day, so it’s vitally essential to frequently sanitize your combs to keep your hair nutritious and enviable.

In this posting from Natural beauty Caters, we convey you a phase-by-step information on how to properly clear your hair brushes and disinfect hair combs. You can also go by most effective wooden hair brushes that you can buy for you.


Cleaning THE HAIRBRUSH: Planning

Before thoroughly cleansing, you will have to 1st clear away the hair from the brush. If you just cannot get them off with your fingers, you can consider the next:

  • Comb about the brush with a tiny comb until eventually the hairs get caught in it.
  • Use tweezers to pluck the hairs off the hairbrush right up until you can eliminate them with your fingers.
  • If all else fails, you can use small scissors (this sort of as nail scissors) to minimize as a result of knotted hair in the brush. Right after that, you better get them out.


how to clean your hair brushes properly
Clean up hair brush with vinegar and water

Stage 1. 1st of all, it is vital to clear away the hair from the brush or comb, to do this, you can guidance yourself with a lengthy and skinny item, this kind of as pens, makeup brushes or even the tail of a comb.

Step 2. At the time you’re carried out with all traces of hair, you will require to wash it. To do this, and in get to obtain a far better cleansing, we propose doing it with warm h2o and including a little cleaning soap or shampoo to make it foam.

Action 3. You really should soak it in the drinking water for about 3 or 4 minutes and then rinse it. If important, you can frivolously rub it with a clear toothbrush concerning the bristles to eliminate extra traces of dirt.

Action 4. Dry it. To dry your comb you can use a thoroughly clean and dry cloth, shaking it above the sink to clear away any water residue on it.


It is critical that, relying on the materials from which it is designed, you acquire terrific relevance to its drying. This is since, specifically in the situation of wooden brushes, leaving a little drinking water can trigger them to rot about time and it is important to reduce this.

before cleaning soak the brush into water
Just before cleansing soak the brush into water

HOW TO Thoroughly clean Picket HAIR BRUSHES?

In addition to the earlier actions, to attain a right cleansing in a wood comb, it will be necessary that you follow the next rules:

  • Use as tiny h2o as attainable. Due to the fact we do not want our brush to rot or swell, it is crucial to use the the very least total of soap and h2o when cleansing it. Or else, over time, it will cease operating and may well even injury your hair.
  • Do a rapid clean and dry. At the time you’ve removed all of your hair, stick with a extremely tiny h2o to eliminate any residue and oils that may well be trapped in it. Being created of wood, the much less time you expend cleansing it, the much better the result you will have.
  • Do not forget that along with cleaning it is crucial to disinfect it on a regular basis to eradicate any bacteria or residue that may perhaps be on them.


Despite the fact that it appears bizarre, you can use ammonia to disinfect hair brushes and it is one of the most utilised means to do it. Ah, we have an article on very best hair colors that does not fade easily.


You will will need to make a solution made with 1/4 cup of ammonia and 1 cup of clean up water. This is thoroughly harmless for your brush nonetheless, we endorse carrying gloves.

Once your brush will get soaked, rinse it off with lukewarm h2o and permit it dry adequately.

how to clean wooden hair brushes?
Cleaning picket hair brushes


In this circumstance, you really should mix 1/2 cup of white vinegar with 1/2 cup of warm h2o and depart your comb for no a lot more than 30 minutes to prevent any injury to the bristles or handles.

What did you imagine of these tips? Do you consistently thoroughly clean your combs? We have described vinegar as disinfectant for combs, since it operates very nicely for quite a few this sort of domestic function like cleaning.

We hope that our suggestions on ‘how to thoroughly clean your hair brushes’ will aid you and that you can put it into practice. Also, do not neglect to leave us your comment and share your opinion with us.


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