Beauty and style not only belong to women with certain body shapes. All women are entitled to look beautiful and fashionable. The female body shape is different, therefore the selection of appropriate clothing must also be based on the shape of the body in order to appear more stylish. For loans tips, you can see at

Clothing for women not only to cover the body, but also symbolizes their taste in art. It can be seen from the selection of suitable clothes according to their individual tastes. However, problems arise when women customarily minder with their posture. Most of them feel unworthy to wear certain clothes.

Tips for Choosing Women’s Clothing

Therefore, the above problem is often experienced by many women, then I will give you some tips on choosing clothes women based on body shape owned. Here is the right tips to help you find a suitable outfit and make you look gorgeous

Choose your clothes for petite

For those of you who are petite do not worry because there are clothes that fit you use. First noticed in the election of superiors. Do not let your boss exceeds the hips because it will make you more visible to sink. Then, the thing to note is the election of superiors and subordinates color matching. Color matching superiors and subordinates will give the impression of higher.

Next, you can choose a shirt with vertical stripes in bright color clothes. do not use dark colors, because it gives the impression of the body look smaller. If you want to use a skirt, is actually legitimate. However, try to avoid the use of long skirts and width. Choose a skirt with size proportional and try a little above the knee. Oh yes, do not forget to avoid the use of wide belts because it is not at all good for you to use and will make you not proportional.

Choose your clothes for fat people

For those who are obese, do not rush to feel inferior in choosing clothes that fit. Some of the techniques you can apply so that you can still look impressive when to go anywhere. The first tip that you can do is to choose clothes with a dark color. Dark colors able to disguise the shape of the body you have.

Establish a higher impression will also be necessary for you to posture fat. High heels can help you escape from being obese. in addition you can use with a knee-length skirt. All the above tips will help you look slimmer and attractive.

Choose your clothes for tall skinny

Many say a tall, thin is the ideal body shape of women. However, the selection of the wrong clothes will actually make it ideal body does not attract men. For you are tall, slender at least have to choose clothes that are not tight. In addition, avoid using v-neck dress as it will only show your bones.

Wearing a knit shirt and blazer will help you give the impression of fuller. If you want to use pants, use that is not too tight anyway. For the selection of skirts, use brightly colored skirts and avoid skirts were made from tips, rigorous, and patterned vertical.

That was the way women choose clothes based on the shape of the body. Hopefully these tips helpful to your beauty and make teeth appear more presentable and pleasing to the eye.