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Homemade Keratin Hair Treatment-Step By Step Procedure

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homemade keratin hair treatment

Keratin hair treatment is a style of remedy that is generally accomplished in salons to handle dry, frizzy, and unmanageable hair. In this, keratin is used to the hair strands externally using high heat in the variety of a flat iron. The final results for keratin-taken care of hair very last for 2-2.5 months, following which keratin starts to rinse little by little and is totally taken off in 6 months. After 6 months, your hair will completely regain its purely natural texture.

What is keratin?

Keratin is a variety of protein that’s found in epithelial cells on the floor of the pores and skin. Distinct forms of keratin are dependable for the growth and construction of the fingernails, hair, and pores and skin. Keratin is an intermediate filament-forming protein that offers help and a barrier of safety. Source

How keratin cure is performed in the salon?

In salons, a keratin treatment is accomplished employing a keratin mix. First, your hair is washed adequately, then blow-dried totally.

Now hair is divided into so several small sections, and a keratin mix is used on every and each strand with the assist of fingers.

When all hair is coated in keratin mix, it is authorized to rest in hair for 1 hour. Immediately after this, very high heat is used to hair strands using a flat iron. This significant warmth opens up the cuticles and makes it possible for keratin mix to infuse within the hair.

Then after 2 times, hair is washed making use of sulfate-cost-free shampoo.

These remedy will typically value you close to 10-15k relying on your hair duration, and it will make your hair comfortable and manageable for up to 2-2.5 months.

Also, all keratin blend is made up of formaldehyde which when uncovered to large warmth, releases vapor which triggers the adhering to aspect outcomes:

Itching and stinging eyes

Nose and throat irritation

Hair decline and destruction

Scalp irritation

Itchy skin

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How to know if your hair desires keratin?

If your hair is frizzy and has no dampness to them, then most likely your hair requirements keratin. You can recognize this bodily by noticing the adhering to symptoms:

You see a large amount of newborn hair flying when your hair is tied in a ponytail.

Your hair feels tough to contact

When you consider to run your finger by means of your hair, they are trapped in amongst.

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Why use keratin hair treatment method manufactured at household?

As I mentioned above keratin mix will come with formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals which not only damage your wellbeing but also damages hair. This is why most people experience crazy hair slide after this kind of treatment plans.

In addition, you are forced to use certain shampoos and conditioners that are suggested by the salon. Believe in me individuals shampoos and conditioners are quite costly.

So you are expending far too a lot money on keratine procedure and damaging your hair at the exact same time. Moreover, this procedure will not very last for even 6 months.

Soon after 6 months, you once more have to undertake the very same therapy for the reason that the organic texture of your hair has began to reappear.

Most of the time, when all the authentic texture comes back again, the hair becomes rougher than right before.

When you complain about this to your salon, they just say that after keratin you should have taken hair spa just about every 15 times, then only the outcomes would have lasted for a longer period.

In small, you have to commit much more to preserve that keratin glimpse in your hair.

But why are we accomplishing this when we can obtain the identical effect working with basic residence remedies.

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How home made keratin hair cure will enable?

I believe that that each type of hair is attractive no matter if it is curly, wavy, or straight. You just need to treatment for them, and you will get the greatest seem out of your purely natural look.

When your hair is properly conditioned, it will not fly all over and look frizzy. As a substitute, it will stay in spot and seems magnificent.

Trust me you do not require straight hair every day. We want straight hair due to the fact they are a lot more manageable and offers us a modern and elegant search. Whilst curly or wavy hair is all over you when remaining open up.

But if you tame down your natural hair, you will not sense to have straight hair, and for those special events when you truly need to have straight hair, you can always grab a flat iron to do so.

Using flat iron at the time in a while will not hurt your hair in particular when your consistently pampering the hair with oiling, hair mask, and so on.

In this post, I am going to explain to you 3 strategies to make keratin hair treatment method at household. These do-it-yourself hair therapies are primarily based on rice. As we know rice is highly useful for our hair as it provides important protein to our hair.

I am not declaring that these masks will magically transform your hair’s existing hair texture upside down in just 1 use ( as we see in the salon). Instead, continuous usage of these masks will tremendously transform the high quality of your hair and will give you sleek and delicate hair.

Also, it is very effortless to make these keratine selfmade masks that you can utilize incredibly usually. As before long as you sense that your hair is feeling frizzy, just make a single of these masks and apply.

I know you will be surprised to see the benefits. So, with no any further delay, let’s begin!!!

How to make keratin Hair Remedy at property

I am heading to listing 3 solutions to make keratin hair procedure at household, all of them are primarily based on rice. I am sure these selfmade keratin hair therapies will give you comfortable, silky, and workable hair.

1st Process

Substances Demanded:

rice (boiled)

coconut milk ( grind grated coconut in a mixer and insert 3 tbsp of drinking water, pressure, and get coconut milk)

olive oil/coconut oil/almond oil


To use this home made keratin hair procedure you initial need to shampoo one working day, then use a keratin mask the other working day. For instance, if you want to use the mask on Sunday, you ought to have washed your hair on Saturday.

Grind 3 tbsp rice in a mixer.

Divide your hair into sections and then implement this floor-boiled rice in strands effectively utilizing a brush.

Continue to keep this in your hair for 20-30 minutes.

Now clean your hair employing delicate shampoo (paraben and sulfate-cost-free)

Use this hair mask as soon as a 7 days to get the finest benefits.

2nd technique:

Elements Required:


Aloe vera gel



course of action:

Soak 3 tbsp of rice right away.

Boil the rice for a couple of minutes in a force cooker and permit 2 whistles.

Let the rice amazing down in a pressure cooker, then take them out.

Add 2 tbsp aloe vera gel (transparent), 1 tbsp of honey (humectant), 2 tbsp curd.

Mix anything in the mixer.

Implement on hair size (30-40 min)

Wash hair initial using drinking water then with a mild shampoo.

3rd system

Ingredients Demanded:

Egg- 1

Banana – 1

Honey – 2 tbsp

Yogurt – 2 tbsp

Coconut Oil – 1 tbsp

Corn Starch or Maida – 1/2 tbsp

Course of action:

Place anything in a blender.

Now pressure every thing so that no lumps are remaining at the rear of.

Wash your hair and dry them absolutely.

Comb your hair so that there are no tangles.

Use this mixture to your hair and leave for 1 hour.

Wash utilizing a delicate shampoo.

Use as soon as or two times a week for very best benefits.

Rewards of rice for hair

Improves hair root power by nourishing the scalp.

Consists of quite a few macro and micronutrients these types of as natural vitamins, carbohydrate, and minerals which increases scalp overall health.

Will make hair smoother.

Detangles hair.

Provides glow to the hair.

Assists hair to expand lengthy and sturdy.

I hope you liked the write-up, If you have any recommendations or queries, remember to experience absolutely free to compose them in the comment segment underneath.

I like to read through and reply to your feedback. Meanwhile, I constantly welcome recommendations on upcoming site tips. If you want me to publish about a thing, be sure to allow me know.

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