What exactly is a coupon template and how is it beneficial to you and I? A coupon template is a compilation of coupons which can be used to redeem something as listed in the coupons and it can be given as a gift as a novelty item or lets say you are helping out with a charity bake sale or something alike, a coupon template comes in handy. So how does one make these homemade coupons template?

The first step is to create these coupons by either (a) Designing them with design software on your computer or printing them yourself, or (b) by drawing these coupons by hand to give it that personal and more intimate touch. These coupons can be about whatever you wish to include. For example, coupons for a charity bake sale may include coupons which can be bought with cash as a method of payment during the bake sale, or as a novelty gift, these coupons can be funny or romantic with redeemable "gifts" Such as a movie night out, a free spa treat or a free dinner at your favorite sushi restaurant. Whichever method you pick, make sure to put in some hard work into making these coupons to ensure quality. Keep in mind that if you do use design software, remember to save the template file to be able to print the same coupon as and when you need it again. You can also use a word program; find a suitable font like "Comic Sans" For a more playful look or "Times New Roman" For a more formal one. Divide the page into half by making sure its landscape view and then insert a page break. To make these coupons, insert text boxes of the same rectangular size and type away.

The next step is to print the coupons in high quality. This can be done by either printing at home or by bringing it to a shop. After printing, draw some "cut" lines in between each coupon with a ruler and a pen as to give it a more professional touch to it and to guide you while cutting these coupons.

Design yourself a cover for the coupon book, perhaps with a title in a larger font in bold letters such as "Coupons for you". Print these covers on either card or colored paper to distinguish it from the coupons and to act as a protective cover. Bind the coupons and the cover by either stapling it, which is definitely the faster and easier option or by using duct tape and taping the ends of the coupons together, cutting the extra tape off with a pair of scissors. These coupons are ready to be used and to be distributed.

See how easy it is to make a homemade coupons template? Saves money and makes as a great addition for an array of events!