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Home Hair Cutting

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Although it is easy and reliable to just head to your local salon or favorite barber, you may consider learning how to do hair cutting at home and perhaps save a little money. If you want to learn the skill of cutting your own or family’s hair at home then this is something to consider. What I have done is put together some great tips and steps to take, to do just that.

Have a pair of hair cutting scissors (paper scissors don’t work well and can ruin your hair). You can purchase chase a pair at any local beauty supply store.

Towel and mirror

Spray bottle with water and a comb

Always shampoo and condition the hair first before cutting the hair at home. Wet or damp hair is always best to start with. You will have more control with wet hair. Unless your doing a boys or mens cut with electric clippers then dry hair is the way to go for that style of cut.

Never start without knowing what style and length you want your hair cut to be. This can lead to cutting way to much off by accident. So always decide first before cutting.

Take a little or small sections of hair then just comb it straight in between your index and middle finger. Just cut approximately a half inch at one time if your a beginner. This will prevent you from cutting to much off
and is a good starting point.

After cutting a few sections be sure to check that to cut is even and the desired shape is taking form. To do this just comb the and check to see if its even.

Be sure to start for one side (or the back) and work your way around the head. Cutting the desired length and then match the length with the other side as you go. If you don’t check the cuts length as you go it can result in cutting off more hair than you wanted.

If you want your hair to have layers, your will need to decide first if you want either low layers around the bottom of your hair line or throughout your entire head. Here is the basics for both.

Low Layering – start with the back section towards the top of the head, bring the hair up and out at 45 degrees start the cut at the length you want your layers to be above the bottom hair line. Meaning if your hair is all one length and you want the layers to fall 1 inch above the hair line. then once you bring the hair up to angle just mentioned cut 1 inch off. be sure if this is your first time to just take the hair with you index and middle finger and slide then down until there a inch between you fingers and the tips or ends of your hair. Still holding the hair, bring the hair back down. The point where you finger closest to the bottom is on you hair is were the layers will start and fall too.

All around layering is just pulling sections straight out from the head and cutting (note: Do not confuse this with bring the hair straight out towards you) the desired length.

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