June 13, 2024


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Great Romance – 2 Secrets to Making Your Woman Feel Special

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Women want to feel special. It's one of their core desires. They want to be treated like a princess, like a queen. They want to be romanced. Because this is how many women feel loved . And if your woman feels loved, then chances are you'll have a great marriage.

Unfortunately, many married men really struggle in the romance department. Being romantic does not come naturally to most of us. And this can be a problem. Your wife can feel resentful at times because of your lack of romance and attention. And as a result, our marriages suffer – or at least they're not as good as they can be.

The following two secrets will help you become a man who is romantic, and desires to make your wife feel special. Put these two secrets into practice, and see how delighted your wife becomes (and how much your marriage improves).

Secret # 1: Now that you're married

When you first fall in love with your now spouse, romance is usually pretty easy. We just feel so head over heals about our woman, that we can not but help buy her flowers, shower her with gifts, and complement her. But after you've been married for some time, it's easy to forget about romance: after all, we've "won" our woman's heart, have not we? This is where the first tip comes in : Court your wife every day. Remember how you felt about her, how you saw her, when you were first going out with her? That is how you should see her now. In a sense, you had to prove to her that you loved her. Well, do exactly the same now.

Secret # 2: The key ingredient to romance

The key ingredient to romance is this: "An unexpected gift, at an unexpected time". Most women are not too impressed if they have to tell their husbands to be romantic. Most women like to be surprised: surprised with a gift that they did not expect, at a time when they did not expect it. Sure, you still need to be romantic on your anniversary, their birthday, valentines day (do not forget!). But if you truly want to make your wife feel special and loved, then do the unexpected. It does not have to be an overseas holiday for two: small is good, too. It could be a CD that she likes. Perhaps a dinner with the kids babysat (that you've organised without her knowing). Some flowers. Whatever it is, big or small ( and small is good too), make sure that it's unexpected.

In conclusion

Becoming a more romantic husband will help your wife to feel special. And by feeling special, they feel loved. This will really improve your relationship with your spouse, and give you both a much more satisfying and happy marriage.

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