July 13, 2024


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Gift Ideas For Boyfriend Who is a Metrosexual Guy

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Style, class and manners are qualities that are important to some men. If your man exhibits these characteristics, then he is considered to be in the category of the modern Metrosexual. In days gone by, this type of man would have been called a gentleman. While some men scoff at this title, others embrace it. Many women admire a man that cares about the way he looks, smells and dresses.

A very famous Hollywood example of this type of man is the impeccable James Bond, who always manages to look dapper, order the best drinks, understands how to act at fancy dinner parties and treats his woman like gold – no matter what tricky situation he gets into.

Here are some gift suggestions:

A Guide to Manners – manners used to be a lot more common in society, but in our current times they are rarely taught anymore. Yet, your guy probably yearns to know what to say or do in certain social situations. Manners can make a real difference in how a man is perceived in his work and social life.

A Fashion Style Guide – What shirts must he have that go with any outfit? How should he tie a tie properly? How does he select a suit that fits properly? Many men can use some help with their personal style. He will appreciate getting tips on how to look great and make a good impression, whether he’s going to a party, an interview or hanging out with friends.

A Wine Guide – many men enjoy wine, but are clueless as to what wines are good with what food, and how to tell the difference between reds and whites. There are hundreds of different wine varieties, years and flavors. This type of guide can help him understand how to select the right wine for the right occasion, as well as, teach him about different varieties.

Body Grooming System – a well groomed man with smooth skin looks and feels great in his clothes. Many men (and women) like the complete clean-shaven look. This means shaving all hair from the chest, back and leg area. A body grooming system provides the tools to easily create this look, and be able to keep it up.

Designer Men’s Cologne – he wants to smell good and top designer colognes are a must for this well put together man. Some of the bigger names in cologne for men are: Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Usher, Sean Jean, Versace, Burberry and Dolce & Gabbanna. Maybe he already has a favorite, but you can still get him something different that offers the same kind of scent sensation that he loves.

A Day at the Spa – spa treatments for men are becoming more and more popular as men discover their mental and physical benefits. If he’s never been to a spa before, this will be a real treat. He’ll be pampered like a king as he gets a facial, full body message and even a pedicure. He’ll come back refreshed and ready to take you out on the town.

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