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Get-Well Gift and Hip Surgery Recovery – 5 Ideas

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For someone with hip problems, their hip can be in such pain that they have trouble walking comfortably. And, forget doing any jogging, swimming or hiking.

That is why hip surgery is such a godsend. The replacement hip can restore much of the normal movement that the person had lost over the years. And, it can does so in a way that can render their hip area pain-free.

Of course, as with any surgery, hip surgery should be taken seriously. The recovery period can take from many weeks to up to 6 months (for total hip replacement surgery). Recovery will go smoothly for most patients. However, there may be some pain involved. And, there is always the boredom and mild sense of disorientation that a person in recovery feels.

This is where a well-chosen get-well gift for surgery recovery patients comes in. A close friend, colleague, or family member is likely to receive a wave of appreciation and goodwill from the person in recovery after hip surgery.

If you have questions about a get-well gift and hip surgery recovery, here are 5 ideas that can help:

1. Body pillow:

A body pillow is a great way to get comfortable in bed after hip replacement surgery. A body pillow is shaped a bit like a boomerang: it is long enough to “snuggle” the body around, providing a place to put one’s head. The hip surgery recovery patient can also straddle their legs around the pillow, while laying on his or her side. Before buying this gift, check to see whether they already have one. If not, this makes a great get-well gift.

2. Magazine gift basket:

A gift basket is a lot of fun to receive. Gift baskets have a festive feel and make anyone’s heart race a bit when they receive one. Imagine giving the hip surgery patient you know a gift basket full of their favorite magazines! Be sure to choose a theme, such as men’s hobbies, home improvement, sewing, fashion or electronics, depending upon their interests. In so doing, you are giving them a great way to pass the time.

3. Complete TV show season on DVD:

If you are someone who watches TV or keeps their finger on the pulse of pop culture, you know that there has really been some great television on the air over the past 5 – 10 years. Some Emmy-winning TV series are truly on par with anything you might see on the silver screen. A great gift idea is to buy one or more seasons of an award-winning show on DVD. By choosing a series over the course of one or more seasons, you are giving the person the chance to really “get into” a show and enjoy it. This all makes the recovery time pass by that much more quickly.

4. Plant a tree in his or her name:

Okay, if you or the person in recovery are “save the Earth” types, what better gift than to plant a tree in his or her name? After all, some folks are just not into material things, but they love nature and preserving the environment. A tree in their name might be just the thing raise their spirits after hip surgery. And maybe when their hip heals a bit more, they can go out and visit their new tree in person.

5. Order a personalized wine or champagne gift basket:

For the well-heeled or foodie-type friend or family member, a personalized wine or champagne gift basket makes a great get-well-soon gift. Choose from the variety or wines or champagnes available in the market today. Add some cheese and crackers for that special touch.

Get-well-soon gifts come in a range of sizes and types, catering to different budgets and tastes. These 5 fun get-well gift ideas for hip surgery patients offer something for everyone.

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