June 19, 2024


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Fashion – Harmful Trends and Their Drawbacks!

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With time different trendy styles are introducing day by day. Especially women adopt different styles and techniques to look unique and attractive among others. During gatherings and parties the most attention grabbing thing in women is different styles and their alluring outfits. It is in the nature of females to compete with their same gender colleagues or friends to look different. In this article, I am going to tell you people some awful aspects of fashion techniques that are quite dangerous for health.

Some basic drawbacks noticed in previous years of several trends are backbone pains due to heavy fashionable bags, ankle fractures or swellings due to high heels. So, these are the most common side effects of trends and with time and an increasing ratio of different styles and vogue, these harmful effects are also increasing rapidly. Now, I will discuss some other jewelry items and outfits that are quite unsafe to adopt.

Everyone loves heavy earrings because they are quite helpful to grab the attention of men and women, especially due to their big size everyone will stare at your face. Therefore, it has been proved that a female can grab the attention of others by this style but on the other hand the side effects of this jewelry item are quite horrible. Wearing such heavy earrings in parties on regular basis can cause serious problems to your ears and the consequences ends up with surgery of the affected area.

Now, the second important issue or drawback usually girls face is of injured ankles due to very high pointed heels. Though, this trend of shoes is quite alluring because it totally increase the height of a person and helps to draw attention of others but this trend has also got so many side effects. The consequences of wearing long heels are quite drastic. Sometimes, it results in a broken ankles or swelling of muscles. It has also been seen noticed that such accidents also resulted in severe operations of ankles.

Moreover, poor and cheap dyes used by manufacturers to dye clothes can also be very harmful to those women who are quite sensitive to chemicals. So, the whole purpose of this article was to give awareness to females that it is always not a good idea to adopt latest trends and styles to look unique.

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