To become an alpha male you must know how to project yourself in the best possible light. Image can be defined as a mental conception of an individual.

Our image of somebody is created by the beliefs that we have about that person. It may be the impressions we form when meeting somebody new or it may be an individual's reputation that has developed over time. Our impression about other people may be based on how they look, speak or behave. A person's overall image may consist of a variety of factors, including their clothing, grooming, voice tone, vocabulary, body language and social behaviours. Your image is so important because other people will make assumptions based on limited information. For example, somebody may be perceived as trustworthy because they maintain strong steady eye contact. They may be judged as capable, professional, successful, intelligent and wealthy because they are well dressed. The reverse is also true. This chapter will focus on how to create a powerful and positive image through dress sense and fashion.

In all societies throughout history, fashion has served as an indicator of social status and cultural belonging. It is true that the manner in which people dress proclaims their place in a given society.

Military uniforms provide a very obvious indication of power, status and rank. By adopting a uniform you make a clear statement of your alliances. In politics, leaders of countries will deliberately alter their appearance when dealing with foreign cultures. Eastern leaders will dress in their own style in their own country but when visiting and negotiating with a Western nation, they may abandon their traditional garb in favour of a Western-style suit. Similarly, European politicians will carefully calibrate their wardrobes to establish a link with a particular audience.

Perhaps the greatest example of the power of appearance occurred during the televised 1960 presidential debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Kennedy looked youthful, tanned and relaxed in his slim-cut suit. Nixon had a five o'clock shadow, looked rumpled and perspired throughout the debate. After the debates, polls indicated that those who had listened on the radio overwhelmingly thought that Nixon had come out on top. But among those who saw the debates on television, the vast majority felt that Kennedy had done a far superior job. And we all know how that election turned out.

Fashion Tips 1

Many men have serious problems when it comes to fashion. It can cost so much and clothing trends and styles change so quickly. Of course, there is no simple solution to fashion. Everyday your style may change depending on a variety of different factors. This section will teach you, in depth, the best way to look your absolute best, in every situation. Once you are finished reading it, go over the main points to internalise the teachings and your fashion sense will improve dramatically.

Take Note of Stylish People

The first step of fashion excellence is to become aware of what other people are wearing. Compliment people on their styles and if you see somebody who is particularly well-dressed, do not hesitate to stop and ask them where they bought it. You will pick up more fashion tips in this way than you could possibly realise. Most people will quite happily tell you the best stores to shop in and you will have a much better understanding of what's in style, what to wear on certain occasions, and how to best spend your money. When you are flicking through magazines, make a mental note of the best dressed celebrities, especially if they are photographed over several days, wearing different clothes. Make note of the colours and the styles and go out and buy a mix and match of similar items. Every fashion icon started out by emulating the style of others and this is one of the best ways to get your fashion up to speed.

Make Sure your Clothes Fit

So many people overlook this vital principle. Most guys who see a designer jacket for a bargain price will buy it even if it a size too big. It's so important that you wear fit you perfectly. If your top is too large, the extra fabric can make it seem like you're swimming in your shirt. If you are of a slim build, only wear single or double breasted blazers and make sure to tailor them so they fit properly throughout your entire body. Make sure to avoid any loose fabric under the arms or in the shoulder area. An oversized blazer that does not fit your measurements will leave you looking sloppy. There are certain fashion tactics that you can employ to hide your own flaws and accentuate your physical attributes. No matter what your body type, there is a personal style of dressing that will suit you best. With jeans, this is especially relevant. Starting out, the most dramatic improvement you can make in your style is to make sure everything fits. Sizes will vary with different brands but proper fit is crucial. Bad fit is an epidemic, cure yourself.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Who among all your friends has the best fashion sense? Going shopping with someone who has excellent taste is always a great idea. Make sure they are honest with you and are comfortable enough to tell you what does not look good on you. The people who work in the store can often lead you astray by picking the most expensive item over the one that actually suits you best. Stick with your friend's opinion and trust them enough to leave your comfort zone. If the recommend something that stands out a little, go with it and see what response you get. By standing out, you portray a lot of self confident and other people will often perceive you as interesting. If you are in a social gathering, women may open conversation with you by commenting on your attire. The next time you are shopping with your friend, try on some items you normally would shy away from. You may be surprised at how much they suit you.

Men's Jewellery

Recently men's jewellery has seen a renaissance. Now, a new generation of young, urban metrosexuals are apparently comfortable enough with revealing their feminine side to wear a pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings. Although men's jewellery still represents a fraction of overall jewellery sales, the MTV bling look has helped sell diamond-faced watches as well as large diamond earrings. Mass market jewellery retailers have cottoned on to this trend and are in a race to get actors to endorse their wide range of men's jewellery. Tiffany had quietly expanded its usual watch and cufflink collections to include silver pendants, rings and bracelets.

When photos of Brad Pitt appeared in magazines, showing the actor wearing a silver pendant and cufflinks for the movie Oceans Twelve, men were out looking to buy "Brad Pitt" pieces. Similarly, Orlando Bloom has been photographed wearing men's jewellery on magazine covers and the actor Johnny Depp is well known for his leather bracelets. George Clooney has also been seen wearing jewellery in a very understated, confident way. It's not surprising then that jewellery retailers will work the celebrity circuit in any possible way. At this year's Cannes festival, there was a desperate race to dress film stars with exquisite dresses, footwear and jewellery. The jeweller Chopard hired the entire floor of the Majestic hotel devoted to a heavily guarded treasure suite in an effort to entice celebrities to borrow some of their jewels for the occasion. Also new pieces were flown in daily from Geneva for a
ctors to borrow.

Award shows and fashion shows are becoming all important showcase arenas for jewellery retailers. Competition between jewellery makers is increasing as the market for jewellery and men's jewellery expands with the growth of economies in Asia and the US. In fact, anything a man can put on show is the key to nifty accessorising. According to new research out by Verdict, British men now spend £ 1.1billion a year on accessories, one fifth of that is spent on jewellery and watches. So as far as men are concerned, men's rings could be just as important an accessory as wearing a watch or carrying the latest mobile phone. The same trend is seen in India, where young men appear more open about revealing a more feminine side. Jewellery retailers in major Indian cities have seen a boom in sales of men's rings, bracelets and earrings.