June 19, 2024


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Fashion and Depression

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Sometimes it is very difficult to identify life meaning. Depression can come when you do not expect it. But what depression is. I think that today it is very popular to say that you are in depression. It is a trend. In fact people do not even know the main symptoms of this disease. Short run absence of mood is not a symptom of depression. Please, do not worry, relax and go to bed. I am sure that after good sleep you will feel better. However, if it continues during two-three months or longer, it can be considered a signal to start worry that you suffer from “trendy disease.”

I think that nowadays people very often lose their identity because they are trying to be in fashion. They dress that they do not like and behave like celebrities. Moreover, they eat that it is order of day. As a result, all people look similarly. I call them “clones.” They simply fear to be unique and attract attention. These people are weak, from my point of view, it is very simple to be like many others.

One of my friends can be a very good example. She does not like express her point of view and dress bright clothes only because she does not want to attract public attention. As a result, she almost does not have friends.

I think that fashion kills personality. I recommend people to be the way they are. Do not try to be at someone. Also, don’t try to please everybody because it is impossible. It can lead to the losing of your individuality.

Also, I hate when parents tell their children to be like Andy or Suzan or compare a child with somebody. It is a big mistake, from my point of view. Do not do it. My mother always did it and the result is obvious. I lost my life meaning at sixteen. I considered that I am the worst boy in the world. I did not communicate with my classmates because of low self-appraisal.

Finally, I can say that the best way to be happy is to be yourself.

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