They say that every woman should own a basic black dress, Why because of the versatility of it.
The many functions that it can be worn to. Mixed with a jacket to make a different look, add accessories and you have probably more looks. So to the subject of this article fads, trends or classics. Just what does that mean for today's women and her jewelry. What does she want to have in her collection, the latest fad, these seasons fashion trend or the really classic pieces? So lets examine all three.

First fads, A fad returns to something that becomes popular in a culture reliably quickly, but loses popularity dramatically. So is there a place for fads in your jewelry collection. Yes but I recommend not spending a lot on the pieces. Those pieces that everyone is wearing. And yet they're maybe that one piece of fad jewelry that you love. That you can see yourself wearing over and over. That's the piece that you want to invest more in especially if you're sure that it will not end up in you girls play clothes chest.

Now not all fads become trends, And thank goodness that many do not, if they did just what would the goodwill store's sell. We have all had our share of fads, the things we look at later and think just what was I thinking. The picture we wish was never taken. Thank goodness those jewelry fads do not stay with us too long. That something else moves in to take its place. It is arguable that a fad that remains popular for a significant amount of time typically loses its significance in current popluar culture as it evolves and becomes accepted into a society's everyday culture as trends (eg televison, internet, music, video games.)

One fad that moved to a trend and I believe has now made its way to a staple of jewelry designs is the Y necklace in 1995 you could see it on the necks of many celebrities, so then everyone wanted one. But soon the Y necklace is being made from every type of material, chains, crystals, gemstones and many more. So now you have a fashion trend.

The current trends in jewelry are deep, warm, regal hues, also clear crystals and even natural elements like wood, which was big in the summers hottest styles. And the current trend in metals is towards warmer toned metals. Bright and Shinny metals give a modern look, while the browns of antiqued metals give the dreamy feminine look. The other trend is mixing elements velvets with cottons. Multi-strand chains with different styles and sizes of chain. Ribbon, natural fibers and even yarns will make the fashion trend this fall.

One of the biggest trends in handcrafted jewelry was the chandelier earring. They are being slowly replaced by some longer, leaner styles. The stiletto earring will be the thing this fall. To me trends are the pieces that go with more than one outfit that have the versatility to be worn day evening. But more than anything I believe that trends in jewelry are made more by you than anyone or anything. Your personal taste, determines what is a trend for you. The pieces that you own that if broke, you just have to replace. The look that says you that your friends when they see, say Susan would just love that. The fashion forecasters may decide the colors of the new designs and the type of fabric that those designs are made in. But they can not decide our personal tastes.

So what is a trend to you, is it the thing that you have to have because everyone around you has one or is it the style that suits you. Something that you feel better wearing. The design that you love and want in every color, and material that it is made in.

And now to classics to me these are the pieces that as they say never go out of style. The simple diamond post earrings, a knotted string of pearls, you get the idea. These are the pieces that you invest in that you plan on handing down to your children the ones that you grandmother and mother left to you. They are the ones that are given for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas and any other special occasion. Your first diamond is something that a woman never hopes.

I just gave my girls their first diamond. A diamond pendant that was made from my mothers wedding ring that was left to me. This is the classic piece that will end though all the fads and fashion trends that may come and go. They will go with those pieces because we love them and they have that special meaning in our lives.

I have heard it said that a woman will spend a little money for the fad, even the trend. But the classic piece is the investment that she will have and enjoy. Wear with pride and know that she is always in style. So the bottom line is fads, trends and classics all have a place in your jewelry collection every woman has the right to feel good about herself and the things she wears. Remember to have fun and enjoy your treasures.