July 13, 2024


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Easy Ways to Get the Most from Recycling Children's Clothing

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All parents have bags of old children's clothes stuffed somewhere in their attic or basement. There are all those nice shirts little Michael used on Sundays for church. Do not forget about the dress Sandy wore to her first day of school. You've hated to throw them away since they are still in good condition but again you can not just keep them sitting in your house forever.

One option you can go with is to recycle those old children's clothes. You've been surprised with how many families are always looking for cheap children's clothing since kids tend to grow out of them fast. Recycled clothing helps them save some much needed money that could be sent somewhere else. Here are some ways you can help a family out by recycling clothes:

  • The first thing I recommend doing is going through all of the clothing and sorting them as soon they outgrow the clothes. Not only does this help you organize them for later on but also allows you to see what kind of condition they are in. Anything that is torn, stained or ripped up can be thrown away. Keep only the kind of clothes that you would want someone to give you. If you have a lot of good clothes that can be recycled but no one to give them to, try holding a yard sale to make a little extra money on the side. You can also donate them to the Salvation Army who can find the clothes a much needed home.
  • Any clothing that still looks good should be saved. When questioning if clothing looks good enough to save, ask if it would be something you would let your child wear to school, church or other occasion where people will see them. If the clothes are not nice enough to look right in any of those places, then get rid of them.
  • Enjoy the excitement of knowing you are helping out other families. You may even spark back some nostalgic memories of your own triggered by seeing other kids wearing your child's own clothes. It may uplift your spirits when you need it most.
  • Finding someone to give these recycled clothes to is easy if you have nieces, nephews, neighbor children or friends from church in need of new clothes but unable to afford them. Kids are always excited to receive gifts even if they are clothes and the parents will be grateful for your generosity. Any clothes you have not given away yet can be taken to places such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army or any church organization. They will gladly accept clothing to give to needy families. They will recycle any size of clothing too for anyone who needs it most.
  • I always try to have a designated area of ​​space in my basement or closet to keep outgrown children's clothing in. You never know when someone may need some. For example, the next time your town has a fire and the family is displaced, you can donate some clothes to their children. They will be forever grateful for your kindness.
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