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Easy Attractive Smoky Eye Makeup

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Easy Attractive Smoky Eye Makeup

Everyone loves smoky eyes. It looks sexy and classy. Many of us fear making smoky eyes as they think it’s too hard to create smoky eyes look. The first step to a perfect smoky eye is to make sure you’re priming the lids you can use an eyeshadow primer or concealer but we want to make sure you’re completely covering the lid on the lash line up to the brows to create a blank canvas. This is to disguise any discolouration that we might naturally have on our lids and also get you should also need to hold on to, you want to leave your eyeshadow primer or concealer, just a little sticky. This will hold off the eyeshadow perfectly. However, you should use little tricks to make sure you get a good blend. Almost all eye makeup looks, the main areas of the eye would be the crease area and the crease areas were important in the smoky eye. If you think of what smoke is, it’s that deep dark colour that then feeds into nothing, and the crease area is where that fading into nothing happens. Crease areas are where the leg creases into the eye shape, but it stops underneath the brow bone. And of course, you have the lead as well. The first smoky eye divides the lid into an upper and a lower part. As far as eye shadows go with a little smoky palette, you want to adapt this to work with your skin. So the first shade is what light to as the base shapes. This is very similar to your skin tone a little lighter. You then have our contour shade. These shades should be darker than your skin tone. And then you have to start with your mid-tone and your mid-tone is probably the most important. Many people suggest this as the transition shade system we’re in between the base and the contour. That’s why it’s called a mid-tone because it’s a middle tone. And then we have your smoky shadows. So your smoky shade is whatever type of smoke here that you want to create. Say goodbye to cool, tone eyes and welcome to smoke eyes. You can go to create a black one. Now give yourself the best eyeshadow palette, and now we are ready to roll!! Take an eyeshadow palette and do it on your eyes. Smoky eyes are not easy nor difficult, you just need a push to make your eyes look more beautiful! When you think of simple smoky eyes with cut crease at first and then boom. These eyes looks can be worn any day you like at any function or party.

Tips for perfect smoky eyes:

02220618 1 Stay smudged free with a primer for perfect smokey eyes
Stay smudged-free with a primer for perfect smoky eyes
  • Stay smudged-free with a primer: A small amount of primer goes a long way on your eyelids. Eyelid primer is a little tricky to wear. Put primer to stay the eyeshadow and make sure it doesn’t smear.
02220618 2 Use a bit of brown for perfect smokey eyes
Use a bit of brown for perfect smoky eyes
  • Use a bit of brown: To the most attractive smoky eye, browns go well on eyelids. If you are doing black smoky eyes, then you should mix the brown eye shadow too. Blend it.
02220618 3 Play with colors for perfect smokey eyes
Play with
the colours for perfect smoky eyes
  • Play with the colours: Smokey eyes should not be always black. You can go with many other colours like deep plum, maroon and many more!
02220618 4 Stay close to lashes for perfect smokey eyes
Stay close to lashes for perfect smoky eyes
  • Stay close to lashes: You should be careful how down you take your eye makeup. Colours should not be extended towards your lower lashes.
  • Blur your lines: You should carefully blend your eyes lines to get an attractive and attentive look. Blend all the colours to see the beautiful smoky eyes with both eyes.
  • Consider placement: Keep your eye shadow under the iris and in the outer corners. You don’t want your eyeshadow to go into your eyes.
02220618 7 Clean up for perfect smokey eyes
Cleanup for perfect smoky eyes
  • Cleanup: Apply all the eye makeup and then clean it up around your eyes. You can use makeup remover to remove the excess eyeshadow around your eyes. Bright your eyebrows look more attractive.

Attractive smoky eyes:

  • A glossy dark black eye with charcoal-lined waterlines.
  • Smudgy, shimmery blue eye shadow, and a thick coat of inky lash mascara.
  • A sheer layer of lilac eye shadow with blended-out gunmetal eyeliner.
  • A gradient of metallic seafoam and emerald colour eyeshadows.
  • Simple smoky eyes with muted brown hues.
  • A contrast of smoky to brow charcoal eye shadow and copper inner eye corners.
  • A layer of finger-smudged amber eyeliner on the top and bottom of the eyelids.
  • Thick layers of midnight blue shadow blend around the eyes.
  • Ultra-thick, black-rimmed eyes, blended fuchsia and purple shadows, and all of the mascara.
  • Smudgy black eyeliner with a layer of golden glitter.
  • A soft, smoky cat eye-shimmer-flecked silver and grey eyeshadows.
  • A matte black shadow with a clean, cut-out wing.
  • A dramatic black smoky eye with glittery under-eye liner.
  • Fuchsia-lined eyes blinded to the brows, plus thick coats of black mascara.
  • This monochromatic, matte cocoa eyeshadow look.

Easy smoky eyes tips and tricks:

  • Start your eye makeup by moisturizing your eyes.
  • Apply primer to your eyes.
  • Apply concealer to hide any dark circles on your eyes.
  • Use a medium round brush.
  • Apply grey eyeshadow in an arch the blend it slowly downwards.
  • Apply black pencil to your upper lash line and smudge upwards.
  • Use a small round blending brush to blend the eyeshadows.
  • Apply silver colour eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes.
  • Apply mascara to highlight your lashes.
  • Finish eye makeup by removing excess eyeshadow near the eyes and doing the rest of your makeup.

Conclusion: A smoky eye is best for every occasion like parties and dates many more. It looks attractive and gives good charm to focus on your face. It’s better if you go with nude lipstick with smoky eyes.


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