Sports activities are one of the healthy lifestyle that needs to be applied daily for everyone. To gain maximum benefit and prevent injury, it must takes the right sports shoes that fit for you.

Exercise performed three times or more each week, require special shoes. There are several categories of sports shoes, shoes for walking, Running shoes for women or for men, and shoes for sports field. In addition there are shoes for outdoor sports and other special sports activities.

Choosing shoes for sport was not an easy matter. It takes a lot of time to adjust your personal style with function shoes before determining what shoes will be selected. More knowledge can help you in choosing the type of sports shoes.

These tips will help you in choosing the right sports shoes as well as supporting your appearance.

Note Purpose of Use

Before buying shoes, you need to think in advance what will be used in sports shoes later. Because the soil surface beachhead require different types of shoes. Shoes jogging on asphalt is different from sports shoes roam the forest.

Note the type of pronation

Pronation is the position of the foot flexibility when using the shoes for walking or running. Pronation related to the joint below the ankle and joints around the ankle. Leisure pronation is an important factor that must be considered before buying sports shoes.

Long Shoes

Be friendly with your mind not to choose shoes that are too big and too small. Shoe size appropriate exercise is to leave little room to use the tip of the foot when you walk or run.

Width Shoes

Noting the width of sports shoes as important as the length to shoes. Every human being does not always have a leg proportions are similar, there are small, but there are wider than normal feet in general.

Note weight

Weight here refers to two things: its weight and the weight of the shoe. If you have more weight, you need to choose shoes with appropriate flexibility. While the weight of the shoe is noteworthy considering the object would you take wherever. Mass mild certainly help you run long distances, because the lightweight shoe is better.


Socks are also an important element in the use of shoes. Because the shape and material of socks will determine your comfort footrests while wearing shoes, first shoes were used for the exercise.

Keep in mind that the sneakers have a shelf life. Once used 300 hours of aerobic exercise, or about 480-800 kilometers to run, typically the inside of shoes has deteriorated markedly.

So do not be too affectionate with shoes. If you exercise regularly, then pay attention to the resistance of your shoes. Brand and price are not the benchmark, but the suitability of the foot and the activity is paramount.

That had some information about a few things you should consider before you choose the right sport shoes for you, hopefully useful for you all, diligently exercising and stay health!