July 13, 2024


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5 Best and Comfiest Contact Lenses to buy for Dry Eyes, this 2021

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We all have different skin types; some of us have oily skin, dry skin while some of us have mixed skin. Same happens with eyes and where watery eyes are not good for contact lenses neither are dry eyes. Dry eyes are also caused by use of contact lenses and the pain and itchiness will not let you see easily. To avoid any such case, it is best to use some lenses that have some water or moisture content giving an easy feel to the eyes. Depending on your eye’s dryness you can choose any lens having moderate to high moisture level. We have made a list of 5 such lenses that we not only trust but highly recommend using. These lenses might be expensive for some of you so if you live in UAE, we suggest using Eyewa discount code offered by coupon.ae and enjoy the benefit of reduced price. Here is our list.

Lomb & Busach Ultra Contact Lenses:

These lenses come with a beautiful moisture seal ability which is engineered by the help of high technology. These lenses are best if your eyes are super dry as you can store almost 96% moisture through these lenses while wearing these for 16 hours each day will not do your eyes any kind of harm. These are also soft on eyes.

Cooper Vision Energy Biofinity Contacts:

These lenses are prepared by making use of aqua form technology and this science allows them to use naturally moisture material of lens with the highly performing oxygen passage to cornea. This is one of the healthy choices that your eyes need. These lenses also come in various colors so choosing one will be a tough but worthy struggle.

DiaLies Alcon Total X Contact Lenses:

These lenses use a different technology for dealing with dry eyes and directly provide moisture to your eyes. It creates a bedding of moisture directly on the eye and then protects the eye from drying through long use. This one might be really out of budget but not if used Eyewa discount code available at coupon.ae only for UAE buyers.

Alcon Optix 2/ 1 Color Contact for Eyes:

This offers a pack of two lens pairs to enjoy.  If you are looking for a purchase of more than one, then this will help you make an easy choice. These come in transparent as well as colored option. Some of its colors are very striking while others are totally neutral and just offer a slight change.

Acuvue Oasys Replacement and Transition:

If your work involves moving a lot from dark to light and indoor to outdoor then these will be a savior for you as their transition time is as short as only 85 seconds. These also block at least 20% blue light so you have more than one type of protection. Use Eyewa discount code given at Coupon.ae and grab this in a price lower beyond your expectations.

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