Have you not noticed holiday items are stocking shelves earlier each year? Valentine's Day is no different. If you look around there are heart-themed shirts, candies and balloons. There are Valentine's Day cards for kids and adults. It becomes overloading making consumers unsure of what the best Valentine's Day gift is right for their significant other. What could you get your honey that exhibits your affection without resorting to the predictable box of chocolates? Well, I searched online and found four Valentine's Day gifts that help you think outside the box. I included a wide range of prices so there is something for everyone.

Buy Stainless Steel Appliances
This is a tricky gift to give. Not all women and men are going to accept it happily. It could be taken in the wrong way. But if your significant other has been complaining about the outdated, non-working, ugly appliances for years then it is a step in the right direction.

Stainless steel appliances come in all shapes, sizes and styles. There is definitely one out there to suit all tastes. You just have to find one that energy saving, rejuvenates family kitchen activities and elevates the interior design of a home. The kitchen is the heart of the home. With new equipment, it quickly encourages and solidifies this concept further. It gives everyone an excuse to gather around in the kitchen together building strong bonds within the household.

Book a Super Bowl Getaway
If you are a football widow then your mate will adore you even more for this extravagant gift. This is definitely not on the cheap side. There are different options to choose from. It varies from booking your mate with his / her friends for travel and the game to meeting players from the team prior to kickoff. If you can afford it then this is a valuable gift he / she will always remember.

Put Together a Digital Photo Album
Digital photo albums cost anywhere from $ 10- $ 50 +. You can find them designed into key chains and pocket size presents. This is great for the business traveler, college student or for someone in a long distance relationship. Fill it with pictures of moments that mean something to the two of you. It is an inexpensive Valentine's present suitable for the man or woman in your life.

Promise to Finally Finish Your Honey Do List
We all have written or implemented the honey to-so list sometimes in our lives. Why not promise to finish the list as his / her Valentine's gift? Trust me. He / she on the receiving end will appreciate you that much more. The best part is it does not cost a thing. It is great for those on a tight budget.