27 Animal Jewelry Pieces that will take your breath away!


Mathon x Emiline Piot bracelet 


There is a rationale we treasure our animals so a lot. Very well, much more than 1 explanation, of program, but 1 massive motive is that we enjoy to observe them. Even those people who really don’t have animals and are not admirers of normal zoo visits or safaris. By observing an animal we check out how one more staying ordeals existence on this planet. What are its difficulties, and how does it experience those issues? 

We also really like to see how they procreate, expertise adore, and anxiety, be a mum or dad, and social beings. Not all of them are social beings, but even all those who aren’t are residing in an ecosystem that they have to survive in and they have to have resources for that. We like to see what these equipment are.

Perhaps it truly is through these observations that we appear at ourselves as if these animals and their lives, problems, and characteristics are some kind of mirror. We admire them and sometimes envy them. Looking at a cat in the sunlight, just one may well come to feel a bit envious of its lack of fret. 

Daily life is chaotic and can be overpowering at instances. The clear quick life of that cat may well become a metaphor in our intellect, a state of bliss we would like to are living in from time to time. 



Amazing jewellery by the genius Lydia Courteille who manages to create a full tale in every and every piece she results in. Animals engage in a big role in her function.


Our observations and love for the animal kingdom are not so new. During time we have admired and feared them. We have hunted them down and killed them, we have domesticated a complete bunch of them as animals or farm animals and we have gathered them into non-public and community zoo’s to display off our prosperity or deep curiosity in the purely natural earth.

The matter that has improved around time is potentially our compassion, our way of occasionally placing a human facial area on them. Often pretty much like the weak elephant* in the Bronx Zoo in New York.

We also have evolved. Even though sadly there is even now hunger, boy or girl labor, or repression of gals and minorities, we also have, at the really identical time, people who do not have to worry about their up coming meal, and are certain that accessibility to cleanse water and wellbeing solutions are conveniently available. We have individuals who believe about defining lifestyle, like, beliefs, and politics in their scientific studies as philosophers. We have persons that have extra cash on their have (in assets, not in the bank) than complete nations around the world and we have social media building us be concerned every day if we live our complete prospective even though we review our life to people of some others. We are, following all, social beings, observing. 

In nations the place survival is a each day problem, there just isn’t place for contemplating about animals other than hazard or a way to set food on the desk by both exploiting their labor or their meat. But in all other nations, we may be in the middle of a new way of residing with and loving animals. 

So a lot of like to view (shorter, supershort) video clips of an abused or neglected animal, captured or acquired, and introduced back to contentment by the enormous treatment and like of men and women. We undertake additional puppies and cats from shelters (despite the fact that tens of millions of wholesome pretty creatures are killed each individual yr, because of our stupidity), and we shell out a great offer of our earnings on their effectively-getting. From the most effective care at the vet to terrific foodstuff and things we really like to purchase them.  


Cartier Brookesia Brooch. White gold, opal,  tourmaline, emeralds. onyx, diamond, and brown diamonds. A wonderful piece of jewelry. A chameleon is synonymous for an individual who can adjust conveniently in appearance or mood. 


Looking through textbooks by Frans de Waal (do follow him on Facebook) a biologist and ethologist permit us to see some thing we regarded as a mere human trait empathy amid animals. Even cross-species. 

I feel it was a further biologist and well-known filmmaker/activist, David Attenborough, who built a remark about religion and why we considered about animals as living only to accommodate our rewards. Using a horse to plow the land, carry you in a war, endure all types of matters, with no any independence, in no way produced us imagine (rarely at any time) 2 times about its destiny the moment no lengthier in shape for our use. A hammer on its head (browse the tale of Brooks medical center for animals) and its remaining use was supplying us their human body to feed our mouths. 


”We have felt entitled to imagine that as the selected, smartest, most devoted species (to a God) that the planet is designed just for us. It can be not unusual we finished up imagining we aren’t aspect of character, but relatively see that there is nature and there is humanity” 


We are gradually embracing the concept that we are section of mother nature right after all. And that mother nature can train us, nurture us even though our task may possibly be to nurture it just as considerably. 

We are opening our eyes, if you like, to see animals and to a much larger extent character in a new a lot more enlightened, rational, and empathic way. 



A stupendous paradise chicken with rubies and diamonds and onyx by Cartier and intriguing jewelry by Sicis, a tile and mosaic firm, that turned also a micro-mosaic jewellery model.

”We utilized to eat animals” is the theme of the book composed by Dutch anthropologist Roanne van Voorst (Ooit aten we dieren) in which she believes that in the upcoming we will turn into vegan. Not just out of empathy or ideology. 

As a pescatarian, who kind of struggles she nonetheless likes fish, I do embrace that concept. The choices of what we can grow without enormous amounts of land (and disappearance of wildlife, native communities, or pesticides) are monumental and increasing. For all those who enjoy to try to eat meat, we are a action absent from rising meat without the need of working with land or developing CO2, or agony or distress for the animal.

We are mindful, even additional, of what we consume and what it requires to produce it. Blockchain will enlighten us about the true journey of our food items. And we know that consuming milk and taking in cheese is manufactured achievable from the food destined initially for the youthful of goats, sheep, and cows. Unless farmers just take them away from their moms (mammals, with robust parental instincts, like ourselves) there is no (successful enough) way to use that milk for our food items.  

You can practically come to feel the aggression of the Japanese combating fish, splendidly represented in this jewellery piece by Stephen Websiter

As explored previously mentioned, we love to observe animals as mirrors of our very own existence. How they behave reminds us of our strengths and weaknesses, how petty we often present up in a scenario, and what we working experience when we truly feel that means and purpose. How substantially a smaller instant of observing our children playing (cubs, foals, kittens, etc) can bring us this kind of deep pleasure. 

We like to affiliate animal jewellery with our Zodiac indication, even when not believing in the whole astrology ”thing” we do like to feel that getting a Leo, Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces, Aries, Scorpio, and Cancer (we say Lobster (kreeft) in Dutch) is a form of representation of our delivery, our strengths, our uniqueness. One thing that sets us apart, even if millions of humans share the exact same zodiac sign, it is a discussion place. 


”We appreciate to imagine we have a spirit animal. One thing that we deeply link with. In his fantastic e-book Equipment of Titan, Tim Ferriss asks each of the effective folks he interviews, for their spirit animal. I guess most of them, like you, under no circumstances imagined about it, but what would yours be? And why?”


We adore all the fables of our childhood, the mythology of the past, and the roles animals performed in movies and publications. We hook up with the loyalty of the canine, the smartness of the raven or dolphin, the agility of the leopard, and the toughness of the lion. We use owls to refer to wisdom and information. We say things like ”he fought like a lion for his life”. 

Robust as a horse, cunning as a fox, frightened like a hare, rabbit. Sturdy or massive as an elephant, weaseling out of some thing. Being a chameleon…

All traits that we connect with animals and see in ourselves. We put on their fur to present wealth, use their feathers to be extravagant, and consume their horns to grow to be much more viral (when will this at last cease?!). 

Thousands and thousands of women aspiration about horses, individuals connect puppies with getting to be a family members and we are en masse generating properties for bees all over the place. 

We have an understanding of that every single creature on this world plays a role in an ecosystem. And as a substitute of working with them to our advantage, we grow to be the protectors of these ecosystems. Finally for our own advantages for sure, for the survival of the species, but in the approach of consciousness and a rising feeling of empathy, we feel to develop into improved guardians for it. 


”Animals remind us of our existence on this planet and no matter if we admire them, or reflect on their features, we Adore and ADORE to see them in our tradition in just the arts, our households, on our bodies (tattoos), and close to our pores and skin and hearts, as jewellery does. A variety of interaction, a image for ourselves and what we cherish.”


May well the amazing jewelry designers, jewelry artists, and -artisans, like all the artists everywhere, create quite a few pieces of stunning animal jewellery now and forever. Amen. 





Brooch with micro mosaic and enamel in gold with a lovely parrot by Castellani and an additional spectacular chameleon by Michele Della Valle.



 Chopard created this bracelet in titanium. A steel that is so mild and attractive, colored usually in the identical shades as the gemstones used to improve the shade and the stones even a lot more. This is a high-conclude jewellery piece that leaves us breathless…


 Snails by David Webb, This business has created so many superb parts of animal jewellery. The snail is a image of being sluggish and we may possibly not constantly like them in our backyard. Yet, its form and shell are so best!


 Daniela Villegas is large on animal jewelry. Typically, she is not shy to create jewellery with results in we do not affiliate with as staying cuddly or fluffy. She likes creatures that creep and crawl. Producing this form of jewelry, this concept is the identity of her brand. 



 Daniela Villegas rings





 Daniela Villegas earrings


 Gucci Hortus Deliciarum Ring in gold and engraved opal


A lovely brooch by the Russian enterprise Jewelry Theatre 

 Delightful bracelet with little birds in citrine and sapphires in gold by the French Lorenz Baumer



 Dragonflies, a favourite of the art nouveau time period. This just one is by the French model Mathon and the brooch upcoming to it is by the Spanish Masriera.



A pair of earrings I would adore to individual myself: by Parulina


 Not all jewelry has a famed manufacturer guiding it. Many parts are remarkable and established by artists we do not know, like these two pieces found at an auction.



After additional chameleons. This time by the Parisian Van Cleef & Arpels. Glance at all the facts!


* Study the story about the elephant by Googling it or this Washington Publish write-up


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